Review - Abandon by Cassia Leo

I was provided with a copy by Net Galley / Random House in exchange for an honest review

So for the last two and a bit hours I have been reading this book, greedily gobbling it up like a woman possessed, This book is the story of Tristan and Senia, and is part of the Shattered Series though it can be read as a stand alone which I can vouch for as I have not read any of them......yet!

So Tristan has led an extremely complicated life, his mother is a drug addicted whore who made him do unspeakable things when he was younger, his grandma who took over his care is slowly dying from cancer and his baby sister who is no longer a child is hitting the bottle at the age of 13, oh and he just got a girl pregnant after getting frozen yoghurt, his life could be a lot easier.

He has sorted most of his problems out over the years as he made a name for himself as the bassist in his friend Chris's band but he has still slept with plenty of women and partied hard while trying to make sure his grandma and sister are well looked after.  

The one woman who has been an almost been a notch on his bedpost is Senia, Claire's best friend she doesn't take any crap from Tristan but that doesn't stop them getting hot and heavy in his car and then bam a few weeks later, she's pregnant.  Tristan mans up and lets her know that he will be there for her and he insists that he moves in with him to his luxury house.

Life starts to get better for a while until his grandma starts getting worse and his evil mother makes a return to the scene demanding custody of her daughter which understandably Tristan is dead against, he also has to cope with his feelings changing dramatically for Senia, could she be the one to change his ways?

This book has a whole heap of emotions going on, some scenes are funny, some touching, some downright sad and tear jerking but what they all have in common is the great storyline.  From the start this story reads beautifully and even though Tristan does make some dodgy decisions to begin with you can tell he does have a heart and he wants to do the best by everyone.

I loved it and I'm planning on visiting the other books in the series to see how the series started.

Abandon is awarded 5 out of 5

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