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The Virgin of Clan Sinclair 
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The third sizzling romance in New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney's Clan Sinclair series
Ellice Traylor has a secret. Beneath her innocent exterior beats an incredibly passionate and imaginative heart. She has been pouring all of her frustrated virginal fantasies into a scandalous manuscript. But when her plans for her future are about to be derailed by her mother's matrimonial designs, she takes matters into her own hands.
Ross Forster, the Earl of Gladsden, has spent his life creating order out of chaos. He expects discipline and calm from those around him. What he does not expect is a beautiful, thoroughly maddening stowaway in his carriage.
But when Ross discovers Ellice's secret book, he finds he can't stop thinking about what other fantasies the disarming virgin can dream up. He has the chance to learn when a compromising position forces them to wed. But can the uptight Earl survive a life with his surprising new wife? And how will the hero of Ellice's fantasies compare to the husband of her reality?

As I have mentioned in previous reviews of historical romances, it is not a genre I usually read but Karen Ranney's Clan Sinclair series has made me rethink!

Set in my beautiful home country of Scotland (where today it's living up to its cold and wet reputation) Ellice Traylor lives with her mother Enid in Drumvagen, home of Virginia and Macrath Sinclair.

Always feeling set upon her constantly nagging mother, Ellice is expected to marry but she has other ideas, she has written a manuscript, one that sizzles off the page, she is poring her virginal fantasies in to her book! But she keeps it hidden from her mother who would be appalled at such filth!

Keen to get away to Edinburgh to see her friend Mairi (who you may remember from the last Clan Sinclair novel) she see her chance when a man arrives with a carriage which has the perfect hiding place for her but alas it is not to be as the carriage only goes as far as the stables.

She meets the owner of the carriage Ross Forster aka The Earl of Glasden, a young extremely wealthy widower who is shocked to see Ellice in his carriage.

The two strike sparks off one another and when he comes across her manuscript he cannot believe someone like her is capable of writing such things without having experienced it first.  The attraction is really something between them and they give in to each other several times but the last time they are caught red handed by her mother who promptly wants them wed before any shame is brought upon the family and wed they do, Ellice leaves her home in Drumvagen and begins her new life with Ross at his estate but will they manage to put aside their many differences and live a happily married life?

This book is a really fun read, Ellice is feisty and headstrong and the pairing of her and Ross is perfect, this book remind me a little of Death at Pemberley, not the death part but when Elizabeth is the lady in charge of Pemberley, Ellice finds herself expected to run house at Ross's huge estate with all its servants and all the other bits and bobs that go with it.

We also see the characters from the other books appear, Virginia and Macrath plus Mairi and Logan, along with other more colourful characters such as Ellice's infuriating mother.

It is a lovely read with some racy scenes, it will make you lust for your own piece of Scotland!

The Virgin of Clan Sinclair is awarded 4 out 5

New York Times bestselling author Karen Ranney was first published in 1995. Since then, she's gone on to write dozens of historical romances, most of them set in Scotland.

Her books have been described as evocative, intensely romantic stories featuring characters who leap off the page.

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