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Hadley and Dominic seem to have it all. Each other. A beautiful little girl named Piper. Endless amounts of time. Fulfilling assignments as spirit guides.

But Piper is not like the rest of them.

What would you risk? What would you give up to secure your loved ones safety?
Fear drives Dom and Hadley to give up everything when they leave Piper behind on the only place the Masters can't go. The Purple Planet.

Piper may look the part, gifted with the soothing tones of lavender, her eyes, hair, even her skin is kissed with a purpled glow, but she's different. She is special. She's alive. Fitting in, in the afterlife, proves to be more than difficult, even after she finds her soul mate, Aiden Hall. He is not only a resident but he runs the bar next door. Just when they reconnect and despite everything Hadley and Dominic gave up, Piper doesn't stay hidden long.

The Masters are back and Piper is taken where she belongs to Pre-Earth.
Attempting and failing at making contact with Piper from the other side, Aiden feels as if there's no other choice but to follow his heart. All the while knowing the risks are great.

Struggling with their reality neither Piper or Aiden remember a thing past waking up. Both feel as if they should remember something. Someone. But what? And who?

Will they end up together once more? Or will they choose to follow an easier path?

Find out what I thought of it!

In the early days of my blog I came across the lovely Mindy Larson and her pre-earth series, The prequel The Beginning of the End and book one This Morning I Woke Up Dead the stories of Emerson and Logan, and Dominic and Hadley as they discover that the world they live on is nothing like they imagined.

This book deals more with Piper, Hadley and Dominic daughter, she is not like the rest of them and the masters are after her. To save their daughter, Hadley and Dominic take her to the Purple Planet, the only place where she is safe, but the downside is they have to leave her behind.

The Purple Planet really is beautifully described in all the different hues of purple, one of the side effects of living on this planet is that you turn purple! Piper sounds like a total vision in lavender and a young man on this planet has noticed!

Aiden and Piper are soul mates, they are meant to be together but there time together is short as the masters catch up with her and she ends up back on earth, Aiden needs to get to her but they only way for that to happen is for his cycle to start again on earth, just like Piper, but that means the pair of them not knowing each other plus there is the chance they may not come across each other.

So do they find one another? I'm not telling!! I loved this story, the second half when they were on Earth was particularly good, I found myself shouting at the book willing them to find each other.

This is a love story but there is also a hint of sci fi in it, I love this type of book and I applaud Mindy in continuing to keep this series interesting, sometimes books series hit a lull when book 2 comes out (naming no names!), the characters continue to be interesting and the world building especially in the Purple Planet is amazing!

Awarded 5 out of 5

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Just for fun I decided to come up with my ideal purple outfit! 

What do you think?!

Wake Up We're No Longer Dead

Mindy Rae Boyer Larson was born in 1977 in Provo, Utah. She is the eldest of four children and only daughter. The family moved to the salt lake county in the early eighties when her father got a job at the USPS.

With a very vivid imagination storytelling came only natural. Often she entertained her younger brothers with evening story tales. Her strong passion for reading and a desire to write her own fairy tales led her to write her first book at the tender age of seven. It remains locked up in a box for safe keeping.

At the age of fourteen she baffled her classmates when she looked forward to her honors English homework rather than heading off to the movies or to canyons with the rest. Mindy often completed twenty page book reports on the day they were assigned and rarely got less than A's on her writing assignments.

She has written dozens of kids’ books, short stories, and many other works “This Morning I Woke Up Dead” is her first published novel. Currently Mindy is working on the sequel and has plans to publish numerous more and to never stop writing. 

When Mindy isn't writing she is looking after her four kids, cats, and dog. Being a passionate person her other favorite pastimes include; working out, playing disc golf, cooking, baking, traveling, and exploring. 

After a long search, she has finally found her true love and lives happily ever after in South East Idaho with her four kids, two girls and two boys, and the love of her life

Lets meet Mindy!

Hi Mindy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions today, first of all could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! Thanks so much for having me! Its great to be here. I'm just your average stay at home mom, turned author. I've always been a writer. I even wrote my first story at nine years old. Writing full time wasn't my reality until youngest was in school full time, about five years ago. I had all this alone time, and once the house was clean, the clothes were washed, and the kids were off to school, I looked around my space, and I thought, 'Now what do I do? It wasn't long before I took my gift seriously and began writing daily. And I do mean everyday! And in every spare moment! It took some time, but pretty soon I had a novel on my hands. When I'm not writing, I love to travel, bake, work out, play disc golf, and just spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. 

How did you start writing, is it something you have done from an early age?
Yes! I tiptoed around about this already, but I was nine when I wrote, illustrated, and put a book together. It was a pop up book about a princess and a witch. 

Do you have a writing ritual or do you just go for it whenever and wherever!?
I just go for it!! Sometimes I write to music, other times I prefer the silence. It really just depends.

I loved the first two books in the series, how have the characters progressed in this book?
Hmm, good question! The main thing is that they've grown as human beings and are more comfortable in their own skin. 

Purple is a recurring them, what made you choose this colour?
My life experiences kind of leak into my writing. While I was writing, This Morning I Woke Up Dead, I ran in a race that was held in a lavender field. We lined up and the entire race was centered around the beautiful flowers. It was a magical experience. All those deep breaths you take while running, you can imagine! It was intoxicating. I had always liked the tranquil color purple, but after that experience, I fell in love with all things lavender.

Do you have any other stories in the pipeline?

Yes! Always. My ideas never end and I have more than a few ideas up my sleeve. And other than a love story mashes into them, they're totally different than the TMIWUD series. Just as soon as I wrap up book three, I can't wait to put them down on paper! 

I know you have a big family, how do your kids feel about Mom being a writer?

My oldest, who is 20, is an avid reader and he is proud of Mom. Its flattering. My youngest, who is 9, is already following in my foot steps; she's written quite a few stories at school and a few at home just for fun. One of which was published in her school newsletter for the entire school to read! I can't think about it without smiling! My middle two kids, they're 14 and 17 are pretty quiet about it but they're very supportive. 

Do you have any advice for people like myself who want to write but are struggling to get those first few words down!?

Don't be shy and just let it flow! I never think about anyone ever reading my work, except for myself. This helps with that fear of what will 'they' think? I just write and write and write. After I have a couple of chapter or so, I go over things, again and again. Most the time, I change things up. I delete things, add things, move sentences around, and once in a while, I even move chapters around. This happens until I'm happy with what I have. But just get started. Set aside sometime everyday to hone in on your writing, and like anything you do a lot of, you get better the more you do it. 

Some fun quickies!

Favourite Book-The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton
Favourite Author-Kate Morton
Favourite TV Show-Gilmore Girls
Favourite Film- The Wizard of Oz
Favourite Music-The Black Keys

Thank you Mindy!!

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  1. Love love love the purple outfit!! I can totally picture Piper wearing it out on a date with Adien! Thanks for having me on your blog!! I had a blast working with you!


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