Review - His to Claim #5: Breaking Storm by Opal Carew

Thank you to Net Galley for providing me with a copy

So five novella's in now to the His to Claim series and it is definitely hotting up, at the end of #4 we had found out that Melanie whilst unsure what was happening with her and Storm/Rafe had kissed both Travis and Diego two members of Savage Kiss.

Amazingly enough Storm seems ok about it once he discovers that Melanie has been drawing pictures of him over and over again to help her through the days without him.

Storm decides the best thing to do since Melanie is obviously attracted to the other two guys is to give her a night she will never forget, she gets to experience a foursome, if you are in anyway prudish or not comfortable with this sort of thing avoid!

After an unforgettable night Melanie is worried in case Storm is unhappy about what happened but he still seems on the surface to be ok that is until he disappears off and doesn't come back.

I am by no means a prude but I think I enjoyed the earlier books more as there was more story and less sex but hey it is a good quick read and if you like your books hot and steamy then this is for you.

My review of the final instalment #6 very soon.

Awarded 3 out of 5

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