Review - Make You Mine by Macy Beckett

Thank you to Headline Eternal for providing me with a copy

I am a sucker for books set in America's deep south, there is just something about that region that oozes romance, it could be the heat, it could be the people, whatever it is it in here in spades in Macy Beckett's Make You Mine the first book in the Dumont Bachelors series.

The Dumont family has been convinced that for the last 99 years a voodoo curse has been cast upon them, no man in the family has managed to have a serious relationship, Marc Dumont is fully aware of this curse he has seen his own father flit from woman to woman leaving a trail of half siblings in his wake.

But is Marc's luck about to change when the object of his high school affection Allie Mauvais turns back up in his life.  Both are very attracted to one another but there is a small problem, Allie's grandmother was the person who cursed the Dumont family in the first place and Marc is not sure what Allie is capable of, does she possess the same voodoo that her grandmother had?

He is about to find out the hard way, Marc is now the proud captain of his family's riverboat but when he finds himself short of a pastry chef on his cruise he finds Allie on board ready to carry out the job, an expert baker Allie looks forward to working with the legendary chef who they have on board but will she be able to make Marc believe that all the accidents that happen have nothing to do with her, and will they be able to resist each other?

Make You Mine is a great read what I especially loved was they actual dialect used in it, the referring to someone as "Good People" I loved it and it makes you feel like you are in the deep south.  There are a lot of supporting characters such as Allie sister and Marc's many siblings, I think they all deserve their own book!

This is the ideal book for the summer, if you are about to head to warmer climes then pack this in your hand luggage, Also there is a prequel novella called Make You Blush (see below), I cant wait to read book 2!

Make You Mine is awarded 4 out of 5

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