Review - Master of The Island (Eden) by Lauren Hawkeye

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You may or may not have seen the Eden series of books popping up all over the place, if not where have you been!?  This is a short and steamy prequel novella to set the scene up for the rest of the books.

Our story is told from the point of view of Theo Vardalos, a extremely wealthy man but scarred man (mentally and physically following a horrible attack) who has purchased a tropical island in the Bermuda Triangle which he names Eden.

However all is not cut and dried, he has been having visions whilst on his island of things he needs to do, at the start of this novella he purchases a castle in Ireland because he had a vision to do so, not all of his visions are property based!, on his first proper visit to the island he has an extremely steamy encounter in the forest in the centre of the island with a veiled woman who looks past his disfigurement and makes him feel like a man again and not the beast that he thinks he is.

This was a good quick read and sets us up nicely for the books to come which are, if they are anything like this one, not going to be just straightforward hot reads!

Awarded 4 out of 5

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