REVIEW - The Doomsday Kids: Liam's Promise by Karyn Langhorne Folan

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I feel a bit like the equivalent of the Discovery channel, instead of Shark Month or whatever, I have Dystopian Month and usually as soon as I mention the word dystopian REM come in to my head, all together now "It's the end of the world....."! 

I featured some preppers of a different kind yesterday in Cameo Renae's ARV-3 but Doomsday Kids has the mother lode of all preppers, in fact this book should be included in any bug out bags you may have already as it contains a lot of information to get you on your way should the apocalypse rear its ugly head.

Doomsday Kids: Liam's Promise is the first book in (please correct me) a six book series, the main character Liam is 15 and has recently been sent back to school following years of being home schooled by his parents, more specifically his father.

Liam's dad is a prepper, not the kind who bulk buys toilet roll and thinks he is ready for the end of the world, no his dad is the kind of prepper who has "Go" bags ready, a nuclear bunker underneath his basement and a safe haven hidden away in the mountains in the event of the worst (and that is just some of the things he has) however because of his father Liam is ridiculed at school and called Doomsday but that is all about to change when a nuclear warhead takes out Washington DC.

Liam takes a phone call in class from his mother telling him he needs to get to their cabin like now and to go and get his sister, his mother who has been not the biggest fan of her husbands prepping antics is full of remorse at doubting her husband but she urges Liam to get out of school, grab his sister and get going,  

But not before Liam alerts his teacher who he knows is a prepper too and grabs his friend Amaranth (his only friend) before getting his sister.  His younger sister Lilly has Down's Syndrome but she has been trained exactly the same as her brother and you know what it is so refreshing to see a main character that has this condition, Lilly is just an amazing character she is so feisty when she needs to be but at the same time she does still need her brother.

When Liam gets to Lilly, her friend comes with her too, barely speaking English, Elise is by herself, their time is running out and when the bomb hits they decide to make it to Liam's house instead of the cabin but when they arrive they find the popular kids from the school, the ones who mocked Liam busily helping themselves to the contents of his house, Liam gives them hell but the blast from the bomb is on it's way and they have literally seconds to get to safety, the original four has now become eight, two of the popular kids Amy and Wasserman are there along with Liam's two next door neighbours Nate and Nester.

Now of course teenagers being teenagers the fact that a nuclear bomb has just gone off wiping everything in its path is of little consequence and we find that out with these guys, as some of them don't understand why 911 is not answering or why they cant just go back outside.

The other good thing about this book is that it is such a diverse group of kids too, different colours, religions plus the stereotypes are there too, jock, cheerleader, fat kid, strange loner etc, it makes for interesting reading!

Tempers run high, but thanks to Liam's dad and Liam getting them to safety they have survived but will they be able to tackle the next step, leaving their shelter to make their way to the safety of the mountains?

This story is so good and as you read it you feel the urgency of everything happening and also the you feel sorry for the ones who don't make it or don't believe there is anything to be worried about.  Times like this also bring out the worst in people, they only want to protect their families and will stop at nothing to do it and of course there are the ones who just want to profit by everyone else's misery.

Doomsday Kids shows us that people can survive no matter what age and also never to fully trust anyone except those closest to you.

A great read and I look forward to book 2 coming out later this year!

Awarded 4 out of 5

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