Review - The End by G. Michael Hopf

Net Galley and Penguin kindly provided me with a copy of The End

If you have looked at my list of books that I'll be reviewing this month you would have seen that it was very heavy on the whole end of the world theme.  So what better way to start June off by reviewing one of the many dystopians that I have laid my grubby paws on this year.

The End is book in the New World series by G. Michael Hopf, you will be glad to know I have books 2 and 3 ready to go in the coming months as well.

So what is The End about, the tell tale mushroom cloud on the cover, which always gives me a shiver, tells me that nukes are going to be involved but how did it come to this?

It starts of in the year 2066 where we meet Haley the daughter of Marine Sergeant Gordon Van Zandt, she is telling the story of her father and the events that lead up to the destruction of the USA and many other parts of the world.  The story is told from many different view points, Haley we hear from at the end and the beginning, we also hear from Gordon POV, the POV of his Marine brother Sebastian and Brad Conner the future President of the United States.

Gordon Van Zandt we first meet during his brutal tour of Iraq in 2004 where he shoots an unarmed Iraqi in a Mosque, when then move forward ten years where he is living in suburbia in San Diego with his wife and two beautiful children, living an idyllic life away from the terrors that have been striking Europe attacking innocent people, the US has been safe so far but that is about to change.

Seattle is attacked, then the worst happens to the rest of the country the power goes out, cars die, planes drop out of the sky but still nobody seems worried, nobody except Gordon who fears and knows the worst, an EMP has been set off. but as news starts to trickle out he finds out its much worse, Washington DC has been destroyed by a nuclear bomb, The US is under attack.

His brother Sebastian is away on a tour with the Marines at this point and when word of the attacks get to him, they are instantly recalled to make their way back to the States but their superiors want them to go to the east coast, they shouldn't disobey their orders but the Marines are thinking of their families, their families on the west coast, what help would they be on the east coast where nobody is able to be saved.

Brad Conner has just watched his son die, helpless as the power is dead, he is in bits, it is about to get worse as he discovers Washington has gone and he is about to become the next POTUS, is he up to this horrific challenge especially as he has his finger now on the button of the USA's nuclear arsenal.

This book is horrific, but I mean that as a compliment, it is really close to the bone because of the possibility of this happening in our life time, terrorists are out there, it could happen to any of us.  Not wanting to sound all doom and gloom but this book also shows us how awful people become, take away their mobiles, their televisions, their McDonald's and their fancy cars, chaos descends quickly and this book highlights just how chaotic, greedy and just plain murderous people become when all their modern amenities are taken away from them.

All of the stories in this book inter mingle, and at all times I could feel the pressure building up inside all of the characters, especially Brad to suddenly become the president and to have to deal with the aftermath of the attacks but of course the question on his mind is has it finished?

I really enjoyed this book, there is a lot going on, if you are not familiar with military jargon or indeed maybe some political stuff you may struggle but at the end of the day all of the POV's are doing them same thing, they want to be with their families, they want to survive by any means.  A thrilling but all too real read!

The End is awarded 4 out of 5

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