REVIEW - An Etiquette Guide to the End Times by Maia Sepp

I was kindly provided with a copy of this book by Net Galley

So today's taste of dystopia comes in the form of the wonderfully titled An Etiquette Guide to the End Times from Maia Sepp, it's a novella set in our near future, to be honest I wasn't sure which category to slot this one in to, yes its set in a futuristic Canada where things have changed considerably but people still have the Internet and chickens!! I have decided on Sci Fi for the minute (your views on this greatly received!!).

Olive is an etiquette agony aunt, answering peoples urgent questions such as "should one keep an emergency ham?" and what to do if you think your neighbour is milking your goat, yes the problems in Olive's world are very different to what we might expect.  

Set in the future where some calamitous events have happened notably a huge hunk of the Greenland Ice Shelf shearing off, water levels rising and the Maldives disappearing in to the watery depths, people have had to change their ways - solar panel arrays are the norm as are keeping chickens and growing your own fruit and veg (and cannabis!)

People seem to be living quite harmoniously with the exception of Olive's grandfather Fred who has gone to visit his brother's grave and has fallen out with Olive in the process, an another exception to the harmony are the terrorists - The Earth Shepherd's who seem to be hell bent on sabotaging everything non eco friendly.

Olive is targeted by the core (who are the government) to be the "face" of their radio show (yes I know face is the wrong word!!!) to keep people happy with her amazing etiquette skills but Olive wants none of it, even when they start to become nasty and things she needs such as those extra illegal chickens and oh the Internet disappear,.

She is more concerned in getting her grandfather back, and she needs help from her friend Camilla and some friendly sailors but not before the sailors demand she cook them up the best meal ever, which she does complete with name cards and the emptying of her bank account and bartering of wine!

This book was so totally different to anything end of world themed I have read of late, no zombies or nukes just good old fashioned living with a little bit of government officials being corrupt as usual.  

It was a really refreshing read, it was funny, observant and sweet with some girly feistiness but my one complaint, it is only a novella and I could quite happily have read another couple hundred pages set in in Olive's world!

Awarded 4 out of 5

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