Review - His to Claim #4: Wild Ones by Opal Carew

Thank you to the publishers and Net Galley for providing me with a copy

So at the end of the last novella we left Melanie about to make the decision as to whether she would be joining Savage Kiss on the road even though Rafe was dead against it.

She goes!  What happens in Wild Ones is a ton of jealousy and a potential for things to kick off as Travis wants Melanie, he doesn't care about the fact that she may belong to Rafe.  

Melanie makes a huge mistake in kissing him, but when she does she finds herself enjoying it which totally confuses her feelings for Rafe but will he find out about it and what will happen when he does?

I didn't enjoy this novella as much as the last three, saying that it was still a good read but I felt Melanie should have had some respect for Rafe and not have kissed Travis, but that's just my old fashioned opinion!

Awarded 3 out of 5

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