Review - Soren: The Angel & The Prize Fighter by Louise Nicks

Thank you to Louise Nicks for kindly providing me with a copy of the book

The world has never been an easy place for impoverished teen Beau Tolson, but from the moment her sick mother is given months to live, Beau’s life takes an extraordinary turn. 

In order to buy the only drug that can now keep her beloved mother alive, 16 year old martial arts champion Beau resorts to illegal prize fighting at East London’s most notorious underworld lair. 

But that’s only the beginning of her troubles.When some of her closest friends start acting weird, and a mystifying new boy turns up outside the school gates, Beau is told a life changing secret...That not only are some of her friends angels, but that she is going to become an angel too. 

It isn’t long before she finds herself torn between the divine and this world; between her responsibilities and the colossal destiny that awaits. 

Little do any of them know that a sect of ex-angels have also come to Earth, planning on kidnapping Beau for the very same reasons the angels want her: to fulfil a prophecy that involves this world and theirs, and who will rule it all until the end of time.’

Angels are everywhere at the minute, they are gracefully falling from the sky and making our women folk swoon with desire, I have read a lot of angel related books this year, some I have loved, some not so much, can Louise Nicks debut novel hit the bar that has been set so high by the likes of Laini Taylor and Susan Ee?

Yes she can, Soren breathes new life in to the genre with an amazing tale of ass kicking Beau and her selfless personal quest of keeping her much loved mum alive.

Beau is only 16 years old but she has so much to deal with, her mum is terminally ill and the doctors have tried their best but their best is not helping so Beau takes matters in to her own hands.  Hearing about a new experimental drug she literally fights to get it, she is a prize fighter at one of London's most notorious underworld spots but the money is good if she wins and she does despite her slight size she is not to be messed with.  But to keep her mother alive she has to keep fighting and her competitors get bigger and bigger.

To add to her problems the school she goes to is full of rich kids laughing at Beau's hand me downs and free school dinners but she gets through ably helped by her close friends including the bonkers Dylana who was one of my favourite characters, this girl does not take no for an answer and she looks out for Beau as Beau looks out for her.

Now you would think this would be enough for poor Beau to be getting on with but things are not quite what they seem, she is being watched, what Beau does not know is that she is about to become more powerful than she knows, she is about to become an angel.  Needless to say this comes as a shock to her but the pieces begin to fall in to place and with this new found knowledge she also discovers that a couple of her other friends Pia and Bernadette are angels too and they have a friend Habiah (who is described as a Will Smith-a-like!) who is drawn to Beau as she is to him but can they be together?

This is a lovely read with an evil (in the nicest possible way!!) ending, I am not going to give any more away but Beau has to fight for what she wants alongside discovering people she thought where on her side aren't and she also makes great new friends, namely the angels who guard her.

Louise has done a great job building the world around Beau, her school reminds me of Hogwarts a little!, the dark warehouses and the house that the angels live in are perfectly described, the characters main and supporting are all well written and please remember that Beau and Dylana are 16 so occasionally they can come across as rash and impetuous but that's what teenagers do!

I really enjoyed Soren and I am looking forward to finding out what happens next!

Soren: The Angel and The Prize Fighter is awarded 5 out of 5

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