INTERVIEW & GIVEAWAY - Rhyannon Byrd author of the Dangerous Tides series

Next weekend the beautiful city of Edinburgh will be holding the Romance Author & Reader Event and the list of attending authors reads like a who's who of romantic author elite!

In honour of the upcoming festival and also as a proud Scot, I am so excited to bring you two exciting things, the first in an interview with Rhyannon Byrd author of the sizzling hot Dangerous Tides series which was released earlier this month by Headline Eternal! The second is I a fab giveaway - two sets of Dangerous Tides novels - Take Me Under and Keep Me Closer very kindly provided by Elaine Egan at Headline Eternal.

So first of all lets find out more about your new book boyfriends!!

I gave this book 4 Stars - see my review here

Miami detective Ben Hudson had a thing for shy, sexy - and married - Reese Monroe from the moment he first saw her three years ago, but knew he had to stay away. 

Now Reese is divorced and moving to Florida, where she's renting a small beach house - that happens to be owned by Ben. Living right next door, he can't get Reese out of his mind, and this time he won't let anything get in his way.

For Reese, Ben's sudden advances are thrilling but leave her stunned; she never expected a man with such a wicked reputation to go after her, yet he's a temptation she can't resist. And when trouble follows her from Boston, threatening her life, Ben may be the only one who can help her...AMAZON UK

Five years after the end of his marriage and his career as a detective, Alex Hudson wears a permanent suit of armour to keep the world at bay. Now a PI in South Florida, he believes that he's better off free of romantic complications - even if a certain beautiful redhead makes him sweat with little more than a look. But he's determined to steer clear of women and the trouble they bring. Until trouble comes uninvited...

Renowned therapist Brit Cramer has seen her fair share of violence and knows how to handle it. But when a former patient targets Brit as his feminine "ideal," she finds help in the last place she ever expected - the tall, dark, outrageously sexy Alex Hudson, who saves her from a violent attack. Brit's been powerfully attracted to Alex from the moment they first met several years ago, but she knew better than to do more than enjoy the view...

The initial uncertainty they both feel shatters in the face of a searing, absolute desire, but their time is running out as they find themselves caught in the sights of a madman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Before they know it, they're fighting not only for their lives, but for the possibility that they may have both found exactly what they've always wanted and each other - AMAZON UK

Rhyannon very kindly answered some questions for me!

1. What's your favourite thing about writing romance?

It's hard to pick just one, because there are so many things that I love about my job, from the people that I work with to the awesome readers who buy my books and have always been so supportive. But when it comes to the stories themselves, I would have to say that getting lost in the emotion is my favourite part. I love getting caught up in the excitement of my characters falling in love, especially that heart pounding moment when they leave their fears of being hurt behind and go after what they want with everything they have. I'm a hopeless romantic, so this gets me every time.

2. Do you consider kilts to be sexy?

YES!!! And what's even better is when Ewan McGregor is wearing one. ;) 

3. Are you willing to try haggis?

Before my husband started making trips up to Scotland for work, I would have said, "Hell no!" But he's raved about it so often that I'm now willing to give it a go.

4. If you had only one day in Edinburgh, how would you spend it?

I'd spend it in the heart of the city, soaking up the spectacular views and enjoying the variety of shops on the Royal Mile. I'd grab lunch at the Roxburgh Close Zizzi, because I love their Pollo Picante pizza, and then I'd continue making my way up to the castle. Two of the things I loved most about Edinburgh when I was there were the stunning architecture and the warm, friendly people who always make you feel welcome. So I would enjoy just being out and about in such a beautiful city! 

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Thank you so much to Elaine at Headline and Rhyannon Byrd


  1. I'm reading and loving Keep Me Closer right now!

    1. I've got it on my to be read pile, it looks even hotter than the first book!


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