BOOK REVIEW - Silo 1000:The Complete Trilogy by Michelle M Pillow

I received a copy of this book from Kindle Worlds/Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

So if you are a regular to my blog you may have noticed that I worship Hugh Howey and all things silo related, I was offered a chance by the lovely people at Kindle Worlds to review some books and as soon as I saw this one my fingers couldn't move fast enough to the download button.

Now before I review let me tell you about Kindle Worlds, it is a publishing platform run by Amazon where you can choose a licensed world, in this case Hugh Howey's Wool, and you can upload your own story to it, so you have in all intents and purposes excellent fan fiction on worlds such as The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, the one bug bear, why is it not available to the UK?  This amazing book is not available for us to download in the UK, hopefully Amazon will make this platform available to us soon!

Right, lets look at the book, Michelle M Pillow has taken the Wooliverse and expanded upon it in a truly amazing way, There are two main characters in this story the first is Maryann Holston a young nurse in silo 1000, she has discovered a secret that is hidden behind the walls of this enormous structure and  whilst making her way to this secret she is discovered by Paul Allison, Head Medicinal Pharmacist who had aged for the better since she last saw him.

When Paul discovers Maryann, he is not alone, he is with Missy the daughter of the mayor and because of Paul's important job along with the fact he is about to move in to better accommodation she wants them to marry, he doesn't, he has been in love with Maryann for years and when Missy leaves he extracts Maryann from the walls he tells her how he feels and they quickly decide that maybe they should marry each other the alternative for Paul is Missy and he wants to avoid that at all costs, a passionate kiss seals any doubt of  their mutual attraction so they start making arrangements for the marriage ceremony.

Up top Samuel Daphne watches the screens, the landscape never changing, the same rocks of the sheriff and his wife from Wool still a landmark on the screen (if you are paying attention you may realise silo 1000 is silo 18!) but and this was the bit I really loved some of the bodies are still walking about, they have stopped cleaning now so whenever someone is sent outside they go without the "protective" suit, I think it is an inspired idea to have these bodies wandering around!!  One of these bodies is that of Helena, Samuel's wife, every night he comes to the screens to watch her slowly make her way past, he is slowly losing his mind, he does not see his wife as a decomposing corpse he still sees her as the beautiful woman she was.  He is interupted one night by Missy ranting over the fact that Paul will not marry her and is going to be marrying Maryann, as Missy carries on his wifes name - Missy Helena - he sees this as a sign he has to help her stop the wedding so she can get her own selfish way.

What happens next is Maryann finds herself sent to the hellhole that is Silo 998, a silo where men are men and women do what they are told, nurses have been killed there by increasingly aggressive patients, Maryann fears something is wrong with the people in this silo but as a woman she has no say in the matter until she takes mattters in to her own hands, she misses Paul and she will do anything to get back to him.

Silo 1000 shines a brand new light on the amazing Wooliverse, I never tire of hearing stories of the silos, there is so many of them, the possibilities are endless!  Michelle has done a great job creating likeable characters along with ones that are just plain mad!  It gets the world bang on and you can feel the tense atmosphere in the silos straight from the pages.  My one downside (apart from the whole Kindle Worlds thing) its really novella sized I could have happily read a lot more of it!!

Silo 1000 is awarded 5 out of 5

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