Review - Making Waves by Ophelia London

Thank you to Entangled Bliss and Net Galley for providing me with a copy

This is perfect summer read, it has a tropical setting of Oahu in Hawaii and a hot young couple.

Justine arrives in Oahu on a much needed vacation, as a journalist she needs to break a big story in order for her career to continue and she hopes a trip to the island will recharge her batteries.  What she doesn't expect is to come across Will the guy who up and left her after a few sweet weeks the previous year, sweet nerdy Will is no longer sweet and nerdy he has an alter ego in pro surfer Chase Ryder and when Justine sets her eyes back on him all her feelings from the previous year come flooding back.

She sees a story and threatens to reveal his alter ego unless he gives her an interview, one that is guaranteed to reignite her flailing career and possible upset his but she demands that he also must tell her why he walked out on her.  

Justine also has to deal with the recent loss of her friend in a boating accident, to her the ocean used to be the place that she loved to spend time in but now all she wants to do is avoid it.

Can they get over what has happened in the past and find a way to have future together?

This is a gorgeous quick read to spend time with on the beach or to help you pretend you are on the beach!

Awarded 4 out of 5

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