A Walk With Barny!

So I had a day off work and also off my book blog so I was pleased that I got to spend it with my two terrors Cara who is 7 and Holly who is 5 (both of them going on 16 I might add!) as the school holidays have started here in Scotland already.

The promise of the Sun today did not look good but that did not deter us so we set out with our spaniel Fern to go for a very damp walk, as it was definitely not picnic weather I packed a quick snack in our bag for each of them and their snack of choice - Barny Bear!

So off we went being pulled by the dog in the direction of the local river, we managed to avoid her going for a swim and continued along the beautiful farmland until we met these lovely animals!

Now I did say I have two daughters, the youngest decided she hates horses so refused to have her picture taken with them, my cautious eldest was all over them and announced that she really wants a horse - no!

There were three horses in the field, one couldn't be bothered with us but the white one and I think it must have been its foal ran straight across to us, as you can see below it loved getting its photo taken.

My youngest at this point was getting fed up with the "scary" horses so we continued our damp walk through the village of Weem until we came to the local castle.

Castle Menzies is a 16th century castle which was the seat of the Clan Menzies for over 400 years, the reason for our visit, its supposed to be haunted! My pair of course decided once they saw it not to get any closer just in case a ghost popped out to say hello!

They did however decided to fill their bellies and they grabbed my bag to get their mitts on their Barny Bear's!  Today we tried out the strawberry version, they have only tried the chocolate version before which they love and as they can be fussy little so and so's I wasn't sure if they would like a change in what they are used to.

My oldest had this to say about it 
"The strawberry ones were very yummy and I really enjoyed the chocolate ones they are my favourite"

 my youngest had this to say 
"They are tasty, sweet, yummy, good, wonderful and they are strawberry bears!"

So I think it was safe to say Barny is a hit with my pair, the heavens had opened by the time they were finished so we quick marched it back to the house where they decided they were hungry again, can you guess what they demanded? More Barny!!

So Barny is definitely a hit in our house and they were excited to see some new flavours too when we are our local supermarket, in addition to the chocolate and strawberry flavours you can now get Apple flavour and Milk flavour.  They are going to be a regular in their lunch boxes for a long time!

My dog refused to be photographed for this post but here is one she posed for earlier!

Thank you to Mumsnet and Barny for providing me with Barny in exchange for an honest review!

For those of you not yet acquainted with *this* little feller, Barny is a delicious sponge bearwith a hidden centre that is available in four yummy flavours - chocolate, milk, apple and strawberry.
Barny contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is carefully baked with ingredients including wheat flour, milk, eggs and sugar. Individually wrapped for portion control and with a cardboard tray for convenience, Barny is a convenient tasty snack for little adventures! For allergies and ingredients please click here.


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