REVIEW - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 1 London by Frank Tayell

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I bought this on a whim as Amazon kept recommending it to me and I am so glad I did, The tale of Bartholomew "Bill" Wright is a gripping read and as he is pretty much the only character in the book we get to know him very well.

Bill is/was a government adviser to his old friend Jen who has been appointed Minister for the Interior, during a visit to Whitehall, Bill is knocked over a banister on to a marble floor which results in him waking up several days later with a broken leg.

As he comes to, Jen is there by his bedside but she is the bearer of some terrifying news, America has been attacked, he sees footage, totally horrific footage of a mall in the States and people running and jumping for their lives, they are being hunted down by creatures and these creatures are zombies, there is no better word for it, they are the dead who have risen again with a taste for flesh.

The UK goes on lock down its borders are closed, the channel tunnel blown up and the government announces that the whole of the island is under quarantine, chaos in ensuing around the world. back in the comfort or discomfort as he has a broken leg of his flat, Bill watches with help from his informer Sholto, chaos and horror unfolding around the world, the inevitable happens of course and the UK succumbs to the infection and one by one people start dropping like flies and rising as the living dead.

Bill can only watch from his flat, he has been supplied with food and drink from Jen but he is well and truly stuck and to be honest to begin with he is better to be in his flat than outside with Them.  One by one the utilities fail, electricity, gas and water, he has been given a mobile to contact Jen and she calls one day to say a car is coming to get him, that car is still outside with the driver lying dead beside it.

As the story unfolds Bill's cabin fever sets in, he counts down the days until he cast can come off and he has to ration his food and water.  He starts fending off his fever by raiding the flats below but when his supplies are near spent he makes his escape narrowly avoiding the undead he starts making his way from safe haven to safe haven, happily looting along the way and getting better at despatching the zombies.

Apart from one survivor he came across who ran without taking Bill and his broken leg, Bill is by himself but he seems quite a lot of the time in good spirits and I think this is what makes this such a could story, yes there are moments of pure terror, panic and the fear of discovery is constantly on his mind but he also craves tea and creates a hybrid coffee and coke drink.

Surviving the Evacuation is a brilliant start to a series of books which follow Bill and his struggle to stay alive in a Britain changed for the worse, he discovers that there is more to the infection than he first thought and I think we are going to see some great revelations as this story progresses plus I hope he is not lonely for to long!

Awarded 5 out of 5

PS: Review of book 2 soon!

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