REVIEW - Glimpse by Kendra Leighton

Thank you Net Galley & Little Brown for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

I was very intrigued by this book, the hauntingly beautiful cover drew me in and I have to know what was inside, one thing for sure it didn't look like it was going to be a hearts and flowers type of story.

Glimpse starts with a re-telling of The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, a tale of doomed lovers set at The Highwayman Inn, the story continues to the present day where we meet Liz a teenage girl with a tragic past and a miserable life in the present, you see Liz is not a normal teenage girl, ever since she lost her mother in a car accident seven years ago she has suffered nightmares and worse she is frequently visited by "Glimpses" ghostly bits of humans, and I mean bits literally it can be a disembodied hand that brings itself to her attention.

She does get warning of them about to appear in the form of pins and needles but it still does not prepare her for how frightening it is, and when she is cornered by them when she is around people they just think she is mad.

Thankful for a new start, Liz is glad to move to the Highwayman Inn, a forlorn building she has inherited from her grandfather, she hopes a new life here will stop the Glimpses and help her start to be normal, she has made a list that states these things, no nightmares or glimpses, be normal and make friends!

The inn also comes with a caretaker, one who seems to come and go as he pleases and also to her horror the schools resident disruptive pupil Scott, is his son and he is less than friendly, she fears the bullying she left in her old school may rear its ugly head here.

Her Glimpse free life is very short and she starts to see and hear things, the inn is the most haunted building in her village, she also fears that someone is trying to get in to the inn when one night she see a man in the shadows below her window, a man who returns every night, she doesn't know to be afraid of him or not and when she finally speaks to him he tells her he knows about her Glimpses and he can help her.

His name is Zachary and he is a spirit and the highwayman of the poem, he is searching for his one and only, Bess, they were souls together but she has disappeared and he asks Liz to help him find her.

Glimpse is a very spooky story with some ghostly encounters being quite scary, my own fault for reading in the dark on my kindle!  The story of Liz and Zachary is compelling one, you can see that as Liza gets comfortable around him that she is falling from him but she gets warned by various people to stay away from him but she can't stop now she has started.

The conclusion of the story is great as we find out more about Zachary and Liz, why they are drawn to one another, it was not what I expected at the end it was a OMG why did I not see that earlier moment, I love a twist!

The inn itself is so amazingly atmospheric in its description you can smell the musty curtains and see the dust, it is not a place I would willingly spend a night!

If you like your stories dark and mysterious with a hint of romance then you should love Glimpse!

Glimpse is awarded 4 out of 5

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