REVIEW - The Good Children by Roopa Farooki

Thank you to Headline/Tinder for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

I can't wait any longer, I must share this book with you, if you are heading off on holiday you need to pack this in your luggage, you need this book in your life - now!  This book is beautiful from the cover to the words on this inside, it is that good!

Now I will stop gushing for a minute and actually tell you about the story, it is about four siblings growing up in Lahore in the 1940's, two boys and two girls - Sully, Jakie, Mae and Lana, living with their father and their tyrannical mother in a houseful of servants.  The story charts their lives and also their future lives as the boys leave their family home and set up new lives in the US and the UK and the girls become trophy wives for their lucky husbands.  

Their tyrant of a mother wants to control all of their lives, she is a cruel manipulative woman who constantly wants to get her own way and be the centre of attention, when the oldest daughter Mae prepares to get married she outwits her mother at her own game by becoming better than her mother at everything which needless to say sends her mother in to a spiral of despair as she sees her daughter take over her role but Mae's big day is ruined by her mother revealing a surprise of her own one that goes horribly wrong.  The boys also "rebel" by falling in love with unsuitable people, Sully with an unsuitable Indian girl Radhika and Jakie falls madly in love with a white Irishman, not the partners their mother would have chosen, all four of them make their own way in the world, the way they want to live.

The story I feel is like a book of two shades, the earlier part of the story when they are still in their youth is so vibrant and colourful but as you visit them later in life the story seem darker as they leave the boys leave their lives behind in Lahore to start their new lives in the US and the UK it feels like the colour has been drained from their lives to begin with.

The Good Children is an amazing book, I am not even going to tell you anymore about it apart from it just blew me away, I don't know what I expected but I loved the fact that the children in the story broke away from tradition and live their lives the way that's best for them.  It is a nice thick book and I didn't feel the story lagged at any point as some sizeable books can, the characters are beautifully written and the world around them is very well described.  I enjoyed it so much I'm going to take it on holiday with me in September, it will make my 9 hours flight more enjoyable!

The Good Children is awarded 5 out of 5

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