REVIEW - Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch

Thank you to Entangled for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Perfected is set in a world, which doesn't seem to far in our future, a world where a legislation has been passed allowing humans to be genetically engineered so they are perfect and then sold as "pets" to the rich as playthings for them and their families.

This story centres on Ella who has been brought up in a "kennel", she has been trained since birth to be demure and has learnt the proper etiquette for all situations, she is to be the new pet for a rich congressman's daughter, she will not want for anything.

As a pet she is literally treated like a dog, she has a special diet not eating what the rest of the family does, she is micro chipped and she wear a tag in the form of a necklace with her name on it but she is happy, she loves her new family even is a couple of them don't seem too pleased to see her.

As she explores her new world she finds out that her family had a pet before she came along but that pet was sent back to the kennels to be re-trained., she also finds out that a lot of people are against having girls as pets they compare it to keeping a slave, the congressman's next door neighbour is one of them and she offers to help Ella to safety but Ella does not see any threat and continues happily living her life.

Following a party, Ella is taken against her will and is exposed to the people who help pets escape and start new lives but she does not realise she has been chipped and is quickly returned back to congressman but on her return she starts to question her life and how she fits in, trying to find out more about her predecessor and she meets a fellow pet who paints a less than perfect picture of what the future may hold.

The congressman genuinely gave me the creeps, he was totally besotted with Ella, he treated her better than his wife and daughter, his son is also falling for Ella and she finds herself with strange new feelings for him but as a pet it is frowned on, what should she do, live her life in her luxurious prison or follow these new feelings and her heart?

I really enjoyed Perfected, Ella does come across as extremely naive but she has been raised totally unaware of a lot of real life situations, she cannot even read or swim and all her naivety is what makes her such an endearing character.  The ending didn't feel like the story was over and I hope to hear more about Ella's journey in the future.

Perfected is awarded 4 out of 5

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