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The Stars Are Falling
Michelle Birbeck
"Is saving the one she loves worth killing the whole world?"

Release Date: 3rd July 2014
Genre: Young Adult/Sci-Fi
Published by: The Writers Coffee Shop
Available from: Amazon, Amazon UKKoboBarnes and Noble, and TWCS PH


Jenny is content trying to survive university and sneaking glances at her housemate, Dale, in between hours spent watching the night sky. When the first meteor streaks through the night, landing close enough to shake the house, however, everything changes.
What’s left in the crater isn’t a lump of rock from outer space, but something that looks like a man. Soon after, the killing begins. Anyone who gets in their way is disintegrated with an all-consuming light so hot nothing remains.
Hundreds more descend from the heavens, bleaching the night sky, shaking the ground. They want to eliminate all threats to Earth, starting with the biggest one: the human race.
Jenny and Dale know a way to do both: save Earth and stop the human race from being wiped out. They just have to stay alive long enough to convince the falling stars to spare the human race.


Jenny is a university student trying to live an anonymous life in York, she has a passion for physics and astronomy, she also has a passion for her housemate Dale but that is something she keeps to herself.

A normal night stargazing comes to an abrupt end as Jenny witnesses what she thinks is a meteor fall to earth close to her house, but it isn't what she thinks it is and as more and more of these objects fall from the heavens she starts to fear for her and her friends lives.

The meteors turn out to be stars falling from the sky but these stars take human form and they have been watching the planet making sure the human race are taking care of the Earth but they have been disappointed by what they have seen so they have returned to Earth to clean up.

The stars have been to Earth before and some of them have had relationships with humans, relationships that have been blessed with children, Jenny finds out that her father who she thought walked out on her and her mother years before has been hiding a secret and she gets the shock of her life when she discovers that the stars want her to go with them and that her father is one of them.

The Stars are Falling is a great story, it was very refreshing to read something so different to the norm and yes there was a love interest aspect to it as Jenny and her housemate Dale finally realise their feelings for one another but this story follows Jenny and her three friends as the try to escape from the stars who want Jenny to return with them and as they make their escape Jenny comes up with a plan to make the stars stop their reign of terror but the only problem is she needs to go to them to get them to listen, will they hear her out or will she be taken?

A great read which builds up to an excellent ending!

The Stars are Falling is awarded 4 out of 5

Thank you to Writers Coffee Shop for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Author Bio: 

Michelle has been reading and writing her whole life. Her earliest memory of books was when she was five and decided to try to teach her fish how to read, by putting her Beatrix Potter books in the fish tank with them. Since then her love of books has grown, and now she is writing her own and  looking forward to seeing them on her shelves, though they won’t be going anywhere near the fish tank.

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