Review - Taming The Storm by Samatha Towle

I bought my copy with my own shiny pennies!!

A few years back I fell in love with Jake Wethers the sex on legs frontman of fictional rock band The Mighty Storm, the story of how he found love with his childhood friend Tru just blew me away, during the novels The Mighty Storm and Wethering the Storm we found out a little about some of the other members of the band, Denny, Smith and the most notorious man whore that is Tom Carter, the bass player who is a total player every hour of every day, the man is powered by Duracell, he is constantly on the go and I am not talking about just walking about.

This book is about him, can the most unlikeable member of The Mighty Storm worm his way in to our Jake Wether clad hearts? Yes he can, the rat!

Lyla Summers has sworn off men, ever since she found her brother in a comprising position with her boyfriend, yes thats right her boyfriend, she has tossed them all to one side and concentrates on her up and coming band Vintage.

Vintage are signed to Jake Wethers record label and the story starts with them about to go on tour, at the last minute disaster strikes and their manager is unable to make the tour but Jake comes to the rescue with a new manager, one with a lot of experience in the music industry and also a close personal friend of his - Tom.

Tom's abysmal ladies man reputation does procede him but Lyla and the other members of Vintage have to go with it, this tour is going to help them become stars.  From the get go Tom is a total flirt trying his best to get his way in to Lyla's good books and pants but she is having none of it.  But can he prove to her that he is not all bad and can Tom finally come to realise that there is more to life than different city different woman/women!

Taming the Storm is a steamy hot read, Lyla is given the nickname Firecracker by Tom and she does live up to it but she is vulnerable at the same time, her attraction to Tom is driving her mad and she does not want to just become a notch on his considerable bed post but as things start to get hot and heavy she realises that this man no matter how bad he has been in the past might just be the one for her.

Samantha Towle hits the nail on the head again with this the final book in the Storm series, Tom always struck me as a total dick to be honest but this story has shown him in a totally different light and we have also found out a bit more about his back story and why he is the way he is.

A fantastic hot and steamy read!

Taming the Storm is awarded 5 out of 5

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