REVIEW - The World Without a Future by Nazarea Andrews

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So there is no end in sight for the humble zombie, they are still running or should it be stumbling across countries with their hunger for flesh destroying the population who get in their way and you know what I am so not tiring of them!

The World Without a Future is the first book in the World Without End series by Nazarea Andrews, set in a dystopian future where an infection has ravaged the population and turned them in to bloodthirsty monsters, the surviving few are hiding in Haven's trying to live their lives as normally as possible.

The main character is Nurrin is a first, she was born the day the world ended and she has never known a world without the infected, her life is uncomplicated, she lives with her brother Collin and is happily in a relationship with Dustin but her "happy" life is shattered when a horde attacks the Haven and she is left with no option but to run with her brother, boyfriend and her brothers best friend Finn who is not high on Nurrin's list of favourite people.

As they run for their lives, Finn realises that the infected are changing, they seem to be adapting for the worst but he soon has other things on his mind, once Dustin becomes infected, Finn and Nurrin leave him to try and get him an antidote, leaving Collin behind to look after him.

Finn and Nurrin cannot stand one another, though I think she hates him the most however they do have chemistry in spades but Nurrin still has Dustin and the thought of get him the medicine he desperately needs drives her on.  

Nurrin is such a strong character, some women in these stories can come across as a bit needy and always needing a man to save them, Nurrin is more than capable of making her way in the world by herself but she does need Finn to help her get in to the other Havens, his name opens doors but he won't reveal why.

The World Without A Future is a great read, some of the scenes with the infected are truly terrifying, Nazarea has done really well painting her picture of North America on its knees and she has created some amazing characters that you will root for and in the case of Finn, fall in love with a little bit.

Perfect for fans of dystopia and zombie fiction!

The World Without a Future is awarded 5 out of 5

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