Reviews Coming Up In The Next Few Weeks - August 2014

July has been a month of being organised, finally got back on the job ladder albeit just for two days a week but have had to be super organised with my posts and my reading, July saw a lot of fantastic reads come my way and it also saw my love for chick lit reignite (I had been avoiding it for along time after reading some dreadful books in the mid noughties).

So what do I have planned for you this month, lets have a look!

Okay so ever since I read her Silo 49 books I have loved Ann Christy's writing, so I have not one, not two but three books by her (well 2 and a half as one is anthology!), the first is Strikers a dystopian novel with a stunning cover and a Texas setting one hundred and twelve years after the fall of the US.  I also have Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded which has the most wonderful title ever and is the fourth book in her excellent Silo 49 series.  The Robot Chronicles is anthology of sci fi stories featuring not only Ann but some other amazing writers including (cue fangirl scream) Hugh Howey, WJ Davies, Jason Gurley and a host of others.

I purchased Strikers and Flying Season via Amazon
Ann Christy very kindly sent me a copy of the Robot Chronicles, thank you again!

Ever since I read Rachel's Holiday many many years ago I have faithfully bought all of Marian's books, I have my favourites notably Lucy Sullivan and Last Chance Saloon, I am beyond excited to find out what her latest book has to offer a tale of losing one life to live a better one.  Shadows of Asphodel  is a supernatural tale set in 1913 with necromancers and mercenaries.  Destiny is the first book in a trilogy that has a Mormon teenager fall for the wrong kind of boy.

I was provided with advance/copies of these books in exchange for an honest review

This is my first Patrick Ness book, having heard many good things about his writing I decided to start with More Than This, Seth wakes up naked, thirsty and starving, where is he?  Eversea is the story of a Hollywood actor finding love in small town USA but will Hollywood stop him from being with the woman he loves? Tomorrow and Tomorrow set ten years after Pittsburgh has been reduced to ashes it follows a man who has lost everything and what he uncovers in the horrific aftermath.

I purchased More Than This myself on Amazon
Eversea and Tomorrow & Tomorrow were kindly sent to me by Headline in exchange for an honest review

So thats my lot but there is more on top of this, I have several from last month that will be appearing on the blog soon plus I have several blog tours that I will be participating in too, thanks again for joining me on the blog, I appreciate you stopping by!

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