BLOG TOUR - The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan

Thank you to the Little Brown Book Group for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

 I had heard wonderful things about this books predecessor The Mill River Recluse and when I was offered the chance to review The Mill River Redemption I happily accepted.

This story revolves around the DiSanti family, Josie and her two daughters Rose and Emily who at the start of the book arrive in the town of Mill River to escape from the city following a devastating fire that claimed the life of Josie's much loved husband, they move in with Josie's Aunt Ivy who she barely knows but this wonderful woman is a godsend and helps the young family get back on their feet.

The book flits backwards and forwards in time, and when it flits forwards you meet Rose and Emily years later mourning the death of Josie, the two sisters who were so close when we first met them now can't seem to stand the sight of each other.

Rose is a trophy wife with a rich husband and a young son, Emily is quite bohemian flitting from city to city trying to lay down her roots, neither of them is prepared for what is about to be revealed in their mothers wishes, she wants them to move back to Mill River, live in houses next door to one another, in each house is a clue to the location of Josie's safety deposit box which contains details about their inheritance.  The only way they are getting their hands on this box is to work together.  But is this something these two sisters who truly cannot stand one another manage? Can they pull together to honour their mothers final wishes?

The Mill River Redemption is a charming story, the setting is the perfect American town, the kind I would love to up sticks and move to! The family of Josie and her girls are beautifully written, Josie during the flashbacks turns from being shell shocked widow to becoming resourceful and driven as she strikes out to build a career to look after her children, also during the flash backs we find out why the sisters relationship has turned toxic and one of the sisters in particular is still in denial about a problem she really needs to seek help for.

The ending is good and (no spoilers!!) is a total major twist in the story!

It is the perfect blend of family drama, love and overcoming ones demons with a dash of forgiveness thrown in.

Awarded 4 out of 5

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