REVIEW - In The Shadow of the Mosquito Constellation by Jennifer Ellis

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

First of all the one thing I must point out to you is the cover of this book, I am sucker for stars and this cover is just beautiful, however does a gorgeous cover mean whats inside is the same?

Thankfully in the case of In the Shadows of the Mosquito Constellation the answer is yes, the setting is a rural farm, a pocket of calm of in a world that has fallen apart due to economic collapse.  This book has no zombies, no nuclear apocalypse, no zooming off to other planets, it has families trying to survive using the skills they have in an uncertain world.

Natalie and Richard years previously bought their farm working on it at every given opportunity to make it habitable and able to be self-sustaining, when the economy goes pear shape they leave their old lives behind and move to the farm along with the children, relatives and close friends.

Richard was one of these characters you just want to slap, he had zero respect for his wife and I felt he was just procrastinating his way through life till a better offer comes up, his brother Daniel is the total opposite, hardworking, brooding and the object of Natalie's desires which of course she knows is wrong since he is her brother in law.

Natalie is very much a set upon woman, she has zero respect from Richard and the rest of their small community look to her to get things sorted but when raiders start attacking their safe haven the security of what they have built is in doubt.

With dwindling medical supplies Natalie and Daniel set out to look for more with no idea of what is out there whilst Richard goes to find out where these raiders are coming from this leads to confrontation and some new additions to the camp but can the camp sustain the newcomers and do the residents want to help them in the first place?

Natalie and Richard's marriage is falling apart before her eyes whilst this is all going on, he is blissfully unaware but she finds herself more and more drawn to Daniel and when power hungry Richard gets the opportunity to visit the government you can see her praying that he doesn't come back, does he?

Well you will need to read for yourself, this story is beautifully written and like I said there are no zombies or anything like that just desperate people during a desperate time and when you have family to protect you will do everything in your power to protect them.

Awarded 4 out of 5

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