REVIEW - Strikers by Ann Christy

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Nothing pleases me more that when one of my favourite authors releases some brand new material but it also scares me a little.  What if I don't like it?, a couple of my fave (and un-named) authors over the years have released books that I couldn't get half way through and it does make me feel a touch guilty.

So when I heard Ann was releasing a new novel, I pressed that all to easy button to order on Amazon and dived straight in to her new world.  

I first came across Ann's work with her Silo 49 series, after reading the masterpiece that is Wool by Hugh Howey I was delighted to see the book had for want of a better word spawned a whole load of "fan fiction" by proper published writers and Ann's series was one of the first I read.

Strikers is her latest release, a dystopian novel set in a future United States, Our lead character is Karas a sixteen year old girl who lives in the now Republic of Texas, the rules in this new republic are very different from what we know, anyone who breaks the rules is marked with a strike across the neck, the more strikes the more rules have been broken and when a person gets to five strikes well lets just say they don't get the chance to break any more rules.

Karas is nearly on her own, her father is a Striker, the name given to people who have escaped the republic and her mother is an alcoholic who can hardly look after herself never mind her daughter, she has great friends in Connor and Cassi who are with her the day she sees her father for the first time in years.

Jordan, her father is taking part in a parade of prisoners being flaunted by the republic for all to see, their many strikes visible on their necks, along with him is Connor's brother Maddix.  After the shock of seeing her father, she knows she has to get to see him and Connor is only too happy to lend a helping hand.

Karas has to enlist the help of her teenage crush Jovan to get in to the cells to see her father but once inside things go awry and Karas and her friends and father are on the run.  They run for their lives, hiding from not only the world outside their town but the people sent to bring them back.

Strikers is a pure joy to read, as Karas and co make a run for their lives, the world in which they travel is vividly described, you almost feel as if you are with them experiencing each danger and each new experience, the wonder when they come across foods they've never eaten, technology they've never experienced and water, their pure joy at rivers and the ocean!

As a fan of dystopian young adult fiction and being on the wrong side of 30, I may not be the target age group for this novel but I enjoyed every minute of it, it also has for you romance fans out there a couple of new book boyfriends for us in the shape of Jovan and Marcus, which one will you choose?

So yay! I had nothing to worry about, Ann has done a brilliant job here and I hope to hear more from Karas and co in the future.

Strikers is awarded 5 out of 5


  1. Thanks for the awesome and spoiler free review, Heather! I sort of look at you as the Litmus test for what a I read and what I write. If you like it, I will like reading it. And if you love it, then I feel much better about what I wrote! Thank you again!

  2. I am truly honoured!! But well done you it's such a good read so no pressure get writing some more!!


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