REVIEW - The 100:Day 21 by Kass Morgan

Thank you to Hodder books for sending me an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

Twenty-one days have passed since our teen delinquents hit the ground, they have not had the best time of it with factions being created, friendships made and lost, lives cruelly taken and at the end of the last book the discovery that they were not alone, some people never left the Earth behind.

I can straight away say that this book was really good and I actually liked it more than the original which I awarded 4 stars to.  

At the moment of writing this, The 100: Day 21 won't be out for another couple of weeks so I'll try and keep this spoiler free!

Clarke and Bellamy who got a lot closer in the last book set out to try and find the "earthborn" and along the way make a lot of shocking discoveries, some personal and some hidden upon this strange (to them) planet.

Bellamy's sister was taken by the "earthborn" and the capture of one of them leads to interrogation and more discovery of how a small amount of the population have survived.

Wells is trying to get everyone to work together but the arrival in camp of the captured "earthborn" leads to a lot of questions from him and the creating of a bond between him and the new arrival.

And Glass? well she is still in space where the oxygen situation in the different parts of the ship is becoming critical but she is with Luke, can they keep it together and will the discovery of past mistakes tear them apart?  

The ship is failing in space, they have only one option to survive, will they travel to Earth and who will make the journey?

Day 21 fills in some of the holes in knowledge that I missed in the first book, there is a definite Lost vibe from this book and a scene where they finally meet the "earthborn" reminded so much of Lost (this is a good thing by the way, I love Lost!).

Again it is a good young adult dystopia, it is not too heavy and the odd bits of romance do lighten it up, I'm looking forward to the next book - there had better be a next book to find out how this series concludes.

The 100: Day 21 is awarded 5 out of 5

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