REVIEW - Andromeda by Amy Bartelloni

Andromeda is set in the near figure, ten years after a pandemic has worked its way through the population, leaving millions dead and millions infected with an incurable disease.

The story is told from two groups POV's, the first group is Jade and Sera(phina) two teenagers who have had to leave the relative security of their camp following an attack, they are making their way on foot slowly to Albany in New York, the alleged location of a safe refuge where the survivors of this global catastrophe can live safely.

The second group is made up of Anyon and Malachi, these two young men are trying to find Sera and Jade, Anyon had been assigned to protect her and in doing this he and Jade have grown extremely close, he has been trained as a soldier and his past which involves Sera is clouded in mystery.

Both groups struggle on foot to Albany, the road is dangerous, not to mention long, wild animals and lone survivors are just some of their worries, the constant fear of infection is always in the back of their minds.

Reaching Albany first, the girls hopes are dashed when the camp is not how they imagined (not spoiling for you!) but they do find hope in the shape of an older lady who has been living in the city, she has supplies and she also has a young man staying with her, Lazarus.

Lazarus puts Jade's back up straight away but after the discovery that their best option is to continue heading north they take his offer of help and they leave the lady behind and make their way out of the city.

Finally reaching Albany, Anyon and Malachi discover the camp and they also discover that the girls have passed through, seeking refuge with the lady, she tells them about the danger that they are in as Lazarus is not all that he seems (no spoilers again!) she urges them to find the girls before it is too late.

So what is Lazarus up too, well I can say this, the government are desperate to find our four travellers, they will stop at nothing to get them but what will happen to them when they are finally snared by them.

Sera is the main prize, her parents are scientists who had been working on an antidote to the virus but she has not seen them for a long time and her memory is very patchy as to what happened when she was younger, against all odds they need to avoid being captured, but will they?

Andromeda is a fast paced exciting tale, I love a nice gripping tale like this, when I read the synopsis and saw pandemic, I was kinda expecting zombies but there are none, just extremely ill people in various stages of illness, desperate to live.

Our four young characters are very believable it's been several years since I was a teenager but all the emotional angst that a teenager goes through was there.

Whether you like your Dystopia full of zombies or bombs, you will enjoy this and just now its FREE on Kindle so you have no excuse, give it a read!

Andromeda is awarded 4 out of 5

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