REVIEW - Waiting for Doggo by Mark B. Mills

Thanks to Headline for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review

Doggo had me intrigued, I had heard whispers of this amazing new book on the Twittersphere for a while and not wanting to be left out I very nicely asked for a copy.  

I had one concern though, I knew it was about a dog by looking at it starkly brilliant cover but why does the dog have a halo? Is the dog dead?, OMG its going to make me cry, maybe I don't want to read it after all.....

Once I had given myself a slap and stop picturing a dead angelic dog, I started to read. And read. And read, I loved it, my dog loved it too as she sat at my feet whilst I chuckled to myself.

Waiting for Doggo is all about Daniel, his girlfriend of four years Clara has had an epiphany of sorts (she is all about love and light and that sort of stuff) and left him, she has however kindly left him a parting gift in the shape of Doggo, a small dog who to put it nicely is quirky looking, a dog he does not want.

Daniel decides he wants rid of his new furry companion and takes him back to Battersea, they wont take him back as Clara had promised to see to Doggo's bits and pieces which are still very much intact, Daniel in full manly support is outraged and takes Doggo away again.

Daniel works in advertising and lands a new job working for an up and coming ad company, he takes the job on one condition his dog can come too, they accept, Daniel's reputation precedes him and before you can say "Walkies" Daniel and Doggo are set up in their shiny new office with Edith, his new advertising partner in crime.

The story continues as Daniel learns to live with his new companion, Doggo is by no means a handsome dog but he is a clever dog and before we know it he has wormed his way in to almost all the hearts of Daniel's colleagues, with the exception of one of them which leads to a brilliant "Poopgate" incident. 

Daniel and Doggo both have in common the fact they where abandoned by someone they love and together they form a brilliant pairing, Doggo goes everywhere to pubs, restaurants, auctioneers (disguised as a mental health dog), he truly becomes Daniel's best friend.

Doggo stays with Daniel as he triumphs at his new job landing great contracts and as Daniel becomes involved in a office love triangle.  Daniel also looks in to why Doggo was abandoned in the first place which leads to some tear inducing scenes.

Now as a dog owner the description of Doggo was perfect, my spaniel has so many quirks and reading about Doggo I could see her doing the same things with the exception of she doesn't like Jennifer Aniston preferring Matt le Blanc instead.

Doggo is one of the best books I've read this year, and so far this year I have read a lot of amazing books, the story of one man and his dog as they take on the world is just perfect, it is a genuine feel good book, I know that sounds cliched but it is, its charming, its funny, its real and the dog does not die!!

I can't recommend this book highly enough, even cat lovers should enjoy it!!

Doggo is awarded 5 choc drops of 5

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