REVIEW - Festive in Death by J.D. Robb

A big thanks to the awesome Little Brown Group for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review!

I love this series, when I read the first book Naked in Death I very quickly became addicted and since then I have been working my way through these amazing stories featuring the kick ass Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her billionaire babe of a husband, the Irish bad ass that is Rourke.

So far I am up to Haunted in Death so have read a fair bit of them but with Festive in Death I have jumped quite a few books in the series but I had nothing to worry about because Festive in Death covers Christmas time (suppose the title gives it away!!) and nobody is less tolerant of Christmas than Eve.

From previous Christmas themed In Death novels I was expecting bad Santa's, Detective's Peabody and MacNab getting over the top excited about the holiday and Rourke planning his annual glitzy festive party plus Eve just generally hating the whole thing and freaking out when the time to buy presents arrive.  This book had all of these things plus it had the main thing - a juicy murder.

The victim in question is Trey Ziegler a buff personal trainer with a sideline in extra personal training (nudge nudge wink wink!) in the form of sleeping with some of his clients, found with a knife in his cold dead heart Dallas has her work cut out narrowing her list of suspects down, he has made his fair share of enemies and it turns out not all of his ladies clients where willing participants, he had been using roofies on them.

I really really love this series and I always think I know who the killer is and then BAM right at the last minute J.D. Robb just turns the whole thing around and in my case I'm like uh how did I not see that, in Festive in Death's case that is exactly what happened!

So I have a nine hour flight coming up soon and Dallas is coming with me, my kindle is loaded and ready to go with her amazing stories, I think Dallas is so ballsy but this book you actually get to see her taking charge of flowers and decorating something I never thought I would see, as always Peabody provides brilliant backup and her amazing wardrobe choices know no limits.

Some series can run their course after even just a few books but the In Death series just continues to enthral me, its semi futuristic setting almost like a more day glo Blade Runner is just perfect, its futuristic without being totally out there, I hope it continues to run for a long time but maybe its my maternal side but I would love to see Eve and Rourke have babies, they would be soooo cute but of course that might signal the end to the series.

Christmas, Murder, Romance, Mystery, Humour, Intrigue, its got it all, buy it!

Festive in Death is awarded 5 out of 5

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