REVIEW - Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

Thank you to the publishers for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review

I had really great hopes for this one, I have never read any of Becca's previous novels but have read a lot of love for them so when the chance to review this one came up I jumped at it.

Now I usually don't give out my star rating till the end but I'm going to give it here, it's getting three out of of five stars, this was a good book but maybe its because I'm in my thirties (though in my head I'm still eighteen) there where quite a few things in it that had me screaming at the characters.

So the story is that Britt and Korbie are going to a remote cabin to start hiking the Teton Range, both of them are straight forward normal teenagers, no skeletons in the closet with the exception of Korbie getting a shock when she found out Britt was dating her brother Calvin.

The area that they are going to has been in the news with several women going missing from bars but this does not deter them.  On the way to the cabin they come across Calvin at a gas station and wanting to make him jealous as he is now her ex, Britt makes out that she is dating the first random guy she sees who thankfully happens to be smokin'.  

With Calvin now suitably jealous Britt and Korbie travel to the cabin but in bad snow their jeep gets stuck and they have to start making their way by foot but on the way to the cabin they find themselves in a blizzard and seek refuge at a remote cabin which to Britt's shock in opened by the guy she met at the gas station, Mason, he warns them not to come in but his "friend" Shaun is charming and gets the girls to come in.

Now this is where I started shouting but maybe its because I'm a mother of two daughters and a thirty-something I would not be going in to a cabin with strange guys no matter how hot they are when I know young women have been murdered in the area but I suppose if you are desperate your mind works differently.

All is going swimmingly well with the girls being flirty but Shaun turns against them and holds them hostage, he demands that he knows the whereabouts of their jeep with their camping supplies in it and sends Mason out in the snow to get it back, things really start to go pear shaped and following his return the two guys take Britt as hostage leaving Korbie behind and start to escape.

Now as the story continues one of the guys gets him comeuppance at the hands of someone close to Britt, her remaining captor starts to grow on her but Britt starts to realise a couple of things don't add up with this guy and at this point I started to realise who the killer was and so did Britt and of course the one she picked wasn't the one he thought, cue more screaming from me.

It does have a happy ending this book and to get to that ending there is a fast paced thrilling finale but this book whilst it is well written just felt a little too young, the girls seemed a little immature for their age and some of the choices they made were a little off but at the end of the day the identity of the killer is kept well hidden until a certain point in the story when it just clicked for me and I was like ah!

If you like young adult novels with a touch of romance then this will be for you.

Black Ice is awarded 3 out of 5

Released 7th October 2014 - Pre Order your copy here

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