REVIEW - Mousetrapped by Catherine Ryan Howard

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Mousetrapped is another re-read for me on the blog today, why? Well in several weeks time I will be squeezing myself in to a uncomfortable seat for nineish hours, strapped inside a metal tube and crossing the pond to my happy place - Orlando, Florida. 

When it gets a few weeks out from my holiday I go through several emotions, the first is usually terror as I have a love/hate relationship with flying plus I'm always scared that I've forgotten to book something important such as the hotel or the flight!  My second emotion is joy which comes usually after I have given my terrified self a slap, with the joy comes the need to read all about Florida, a couple of years back I read Mousetrapped to get me in the holiday mood and this year I found myself reaching for it again.

Now I love all things Disney, this will make you either scream with pain or pleasure depending on which side you fall on, but since having kids Disney is just amazing, it truly is the stuff (expensive stuff) of what dreams are made off, I have often wondered about behind the scenes, what makes Disney run like clockwork and from my experience its the Cast Members that truly make it.

Catherine Ryan Howard travelled to Disney in 2006 to start her epic career at Disney World in Orlando following a shortlived spell at Uni, her childhood dream of working with very deadly viruses on the back boiler, she secured a position on reception at one of the huge hotels in the Disney area and began her immersion in to the Disney and American way of life.

Starting at Disney did come with a few minor pitfalls, the waiting on social security numbers and the sharing an apartment with less than perfect room mates but once the initial "horrors" are over and Catherine begins to enjoy her stay her experiences are brilliant.

This memoir covers her exploring the area, discovering that being on foot is looked at with horror, following that her learning to drive and the fun that goes with that.  Travelling to the parks, especially the Kennedy Space Centre just made me long to be back there.

Mouestrapped is a great book, it shows Disney in a truly different light , the hotel she worked at, which for the purposes of this book is called the Duck and Tuna ( WDW regulars should be able to work this one out, in my case I'm staying at the Beast Country Chalet (see if you can figure that out)) is truly huge and when her journey takes her from behind the reception desk to the bowels of housekeeping again you see a totally different side of my happy place.

Mousetrapped is a good read and if you love Orlando and Florida as much as I do you should love it.

Awarded 4 out of 5

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