REVIEW - The Doomsday Kids: Nester's Mistake by Karyn Langhorne Folan

I was kindly provided with a copy in exchange for an honest review by Karyn Langhorne Folan

I was really looking forward to this book!, Liam's Promise, the first instalment in this exciting series was an great read and it started with a bang, literally, Washington DC is taken out by a nuke and the world goes to hell.

Our young characters had one heck of a culture shock going from a world of things they take for granted such as food and hygiene as well as being able to call up everything they need on the Internet.

They escape from the city heading towards a promised safe haven but their route was fraught with danger but at the end of Liam's Promise they made it to the safe haven of Liam's fathers cabin but they didn't find the welcome they were expecting.

Nester's Mistake takes off straight away, the group finally get in to the cabin but have they all made it? Regardless they are in a bad shape, Liam is in a bad way and a couple of the others are showing signs of radiation poisoning, after travelling all this way has it all been in vain?

The newcomers in the cabin are Katie and Marty, needless to say being a group of young people they are all really suspicious of one another but they eventually start to work together but as the snow starts falling the group realises they are going to be there for a while, they relax a little with one of them taking the word a little too literally.

Nester as the healthiest out of the lot of them is pretty much group leader but he is having is own problems, his late brother Nate is appearing to him ,taunting him, he feels he is slowly going mad.

As this book progresses you begin to see that even though the explosions in D.C. only happened a short time ago these kids have adapted so quickly to their new environment and the harsh realities that it brings, its a dog eat dog world and the discovery of others in their small part of the world leads to some unpleasant scenes.

Teenagers at the end of the world is by no means a new idea but what I love about this series is it feels real, it is so nice to have a mixed bag of kids, for example the boys are are not all the stereotypical white muscly jock, and in this books case, the jock is in a very bad way.

Nester's Mistake is a great read, I actually enjoyed it more than the first one and I really enjoyed it, the teenagers act like teenagers, they are bolshy, grumpy, scared and totally less spoilt and high maintenance than before the bomb dropped.

Karyn has done a fantastic job creating the world around them and the isolated cabin was a perfect setting for putting these kids right out of their comfort zones.  

This is a great series and if you like any sort of dystopia / apocalyptic books then this will be perfect for you.

Nester's Mistake is awarded 5 out 5


  1. Thank you, Heather. I'm so glad you liked Nester's Mistake and that you've become connected with the kids and their struggles. I love writing about them and their terrible adventure and it's great when the books find readers who love them, too. Thanks for including The Doomsday Kids on your blog!


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