REVIEW - The Robot Chronicles: An Anthology of Science Fiction

Thank you to the wonderful Ann Christy for kindly providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I knew I wanted to read this as soon as I caught wind of it, Hugh Howey, Ann Christy, Jason Gurley to name a few excellent writers whose work I have enjoyed, The Robot Chronicles is a wonderful anthology of tales about our future metallic overlords and how these author's picture them in our society.

As a fan of Arnie's very first Terminator film the thought of having robots in my future scares me, I know that out there just now are robots being created by scientists to carry out many different tasks but having read this book, the thought of a robot thinking independently and starting to make decisions for itself petrifies me, my idea of a robot would be something like K-9 in Doctor Who, charming and helpful and he is a dog, a dog who doesn't need picked up after or fed!

I remember going to Universal Studios in Orlando years ago with my husband and going to the Terminator show, sitting in the audience watching it unfold I inwardly freaked out as a grinning face appeared beside my seat along with the rest of the exo-skeleton, most of the robots in these stories are designed to looked human and in one stories case I actually thought to begin with that the robot was the human, its actions were so scarily like us.

Anyway I digress, the stories in this anthology range from humorous as a robot struggles to understand his masters carnal needs to the caretaker on a space station watching the world get nuked with just her computer for company.

Here is a quick look at the stories-

Hugh Howey's Glitch
In which a competitive fighting robot develops a glitch, it goes against its programming, The engineers hope and fear that his glitch is an amazing breakthrough

A K Meek's The Invariable Man
Micah has a talent for fixing broken tech, living in the Boneyard surrounded by tech following the Machine Wars, a relic comes to his attention, one he wants to fix, is it a good idea?

Edward W Robertson's Baby Your Body's My Bass
Alex and his "companion" Bill, as they grow up together they form a band but as they gain fame and fortune, Bill decides he wants a life of his own.

Nina Croft's Ethical Override
The year 2072 and robotic stewards are in place in the some of the most important jobs, Homicide Detective Vicky Harper is called to a case of apparent suicide of a council member who control the stewards, is it suicide?

Patrice Fitzgerald's I Dream of PIA
Fresh out the box PIA's owner Jeff is happy with his new AI, she meets his every need, making sure everything goes well. Her understanding of Jeff's need leads to an awkward encounter for him.

W.J.Davies Empathy for Andrew
The Centre for Robotic Research does it quality assurance extremely well, their latest model may have finally achieved true artificial intelligence but before it can be certified it needs to be trialled both emotionally and psychologically, how will it coped tested to it limits?

David Adams Imperfect
Set on Belthas IV, thousands of artificial slaves are manufactured each week, all the same, all set to serve, to never question or betray, but one is different than the others....

Ann Christy's PePr Inc
Busy people with busy lives, the solution? the perfect companion created to understand your needs and wishes, but how human is too human?

Jason Gurley's The Caretaker
Alice is a caretaker aboard space station Argus, keeping home whilst the astronauts are away, alone above Earth making sure everything runs like clockwork. Watching the Earth from her lonely orbit she sees it slowly burst in to fire, one explosion after another.

Samuel Peralta's Humanity
Alan Mathieson heads home on an icy highway, a collision course in these extreme conditions will test his humanity.

Endi Webb's Adopted
A son and his father are being hunted by robots, they are cornered in a police station, they don't know who to trust, humans look like robots and robots look like humans, the boy is about to learn some horrible things.

Matther Mather's Shimmer
Dr Hal Granger is a leading authority on AI's , his lifes work is Shimmer an AI who can actually feel but what she feels is not what Granger expects.

Deirdre Gould's System Failure
Bezel is an AI robot in the vault, a combination of seed bank and zoo designed to withstand an apocalypse, its a fail safe but after a global strike it becomes a necessity, however when Bezel is rebooted he finds things have gone wrong.

The great thing about these sort of stories is that a lot can be based in fact but you can tell the author is having a whale of a time filling out the rest with their wonderful imagination. There is a story here for everyone, there is a lot of technical jargon being bandied about but whether you understand it or not it does in no means affect your enjoyment of this anthology.

A great read and it also gives you a lot to ponder over, will our future be full of robotic servants with mankind the masters,? or will the robots rise up and rule us? or will none of this happen but hey that's why we have imaginations so lets have fun imagining having a robot butler!

Robot Chronicles is awarded 5 out of 5


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