REVIEW - Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks

Thank you to Ebury Publishing for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

I love my sci-fi and I really love my Doctor Who, ever since Christopher Ecclestone's spectacular re-boot, I've been hooked though when I was a youngster back in the 80's I remember hiding from the cybermen way back then!

So if you are an avid Whovian you may have seen the episode that the Doctor and Shakespeare met up at the Globe Theatre, well this book proves that not only did they meet but the Doctor has a huge influence on his writing!

This book visits many of Shakespeares works and they are reimagined with the different Doctor's and their companions being placed in to all of Shakespeare's famous works.

It really is a bit of fun, but unless you have a great interest in both Doctor Who and Shakespeare it may fall a little flat for you as all of the Doctor references will just go right over your head.

It is a great idea, one for the die hards I think but still its a fun read with great illustrations of our man from Gallifrey.

Awarded 3 out of 5

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