REVIEW - ENDGAME: The Calling by James Frey & Nils Johnson-Shelton

Thank you to Harper Collins for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

About a month ago I read a a sample of this book, I really liked it, the whole thing intrigued me and I waited it out till the full thing became available for review.

A couple of weeks back it came up and I hastily requested it, the last two days I have enjoyed reading it totally unaware of James Frey's history, I had never heard of him till I saw the sampler, he seems to have had a run in with the all mighty Oprah but I feel as a reviewer I am reading the book not judging the writer unless that writer happens to be someone who is a complete.....

I digress, I wanted to read this book with no opinion on the man/men who wrote it so hear goes my thoughts on the matter.

Endgame is real, Endgame is now, this is very true not only is this a book series you can also solve the puzzle of this book yourself and win a fortune which I am sure will help sell a few copies from some adventurous types, I believe the prize is on display in Las Vegas.

It has been compared to the Hunger Games, why?, this is why, the number 12, Tens of thousands of years ago aliens came to Earth, they chose 12 cultures to represent humanity in the Endgame, a game that would decide the fate of mankind, a game that thousands trained for but never knew when it was coming.  

Fast forward to present day, the earth is struck by a dozen meteorites, each with a token for the twelve youngsters who are to play the game.  This also leads to another HG comparison, the age of the players, young teenagers who have been training for this all their short lives.

Yes there is a slight HG comparison but wasn't HG slightly similar to Battle Royale, anyway back to Endgame there is a lot going on, first you have twelve different players, different sexes, different ages, different cultures all out to basically do one thing, win the game for their lines.

The chapters are all written from different characters POV's, the one thing and this may sound stupid is that there are a lot of quick sentences, I think it is geared towards the young adult market though some of the scenes may not be indicative of that.

I did enjoy the book, the twelve youngsters with bad ass skills are like ninja James Bond's but I felt that some characters where hardly mentioned and others where overused, it just seemed a bit rushed in its presentation.

I hate to compare it again to something else but I kept thinking of the film the Fifth Element when I was reading, could be the aliens I don't know, it is a good comparison, I love the Fifth Element.

It is an enjoyable book and I did like reading it, maybe as a older reader it is just a little young for me (I'm over the hill at 35) but it does have the hallmarks of a successful franchise, I believe it's film rights have been snapped up already, and because of all the different settings in the book it will love fantastic.

It has been hard to review this book without giving away any plot spoilers but it's one of the books that you should try for yourself, Let me know what you think!

Awarded 3.5 out of 5

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