REVIEW - Cipher by Aileen Erin

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Cipher is the first in the Shadow Ravens series from Ink Monster author Aileen Erin, with more books scheduled in this series over the next couple of years from authors Lola Dodge and Christina Bauer.

Set in the future where a helix tattoo shows how your DNA has been modified, green for smart, black for warrior and red? Well it is the sign of having unstable DNA and Cipher our leading lady made the mistake of showing it to her uncle when she was young, she has hiding from him ever since, he killed her parents and tried to kidnap her.

Cipher is an expert hacker but her hacking is bring her to the attention of the wrong people but she may be in luck, Black Helix Knight is out to capture Cipher for Seligo, the ruling classes but he has a hidden agenda one that may help save her and any other red helix out there.

She doesn't know but Knight is the supplier of her processors and he unbeknown to her has known her for a very long time.  He wants to save her and help her control her skills notably her manipulation of electricity but most all he wants her, period.

Cipher is a very quick paced novel, the dialogue gets you to where you want to be with the feisty characters helping the story move along, the world building is also really good, especially the futuristic transport that they use to escape, it reminded me of the pod things at Heathrow Airport.

A great read for fans of dystopia, young adult and sci fi.

Awarded 4 out of 5

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