NEW RELEASE - Enscrolled By Connie L Smith - Interview & Giveaway!!

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Today I have Connie L Smith, author of the Division Chronicles and her new book in the series Enscrolled!

Connie kindly answered some nosey questions for me and she has an awesome giveaway too!

In the aftermath of the latest battle, the stakes are higher than ever before, time hardly an ally to Nicholai’s army of paranormal soldiers. The Tomes remain hidden, and the clock is ticking for the Essenced tainted with the demon’s incurable toxin. And beyond those worries, reason exists to suspect that magic might be vanishing, a twist that could insurmountably cripple the army’s capabilities prior to the war’s conclusion. 
Never has the conflict felt quite as desperate, danger escalating and hope lessening with the slow drain of each issue’s hourglass. 
Will the answers to these dilemmas surface in time, or will the efforts of the band of warriors fail to prevent the ruin of the world?"

Connie very kindly took the time to answer my nosey questions!

*First of all can you introduce yourself to my readers, tell us a little about your life!
Sure! I’m the author of a YA/UF trilogy and its prequel novella, along with a NA Romance story called Tail Lights that’s scheduled for release on November 18th. Beyond that, I have my BA in Speech Communication and History, I like baking, and I’m a liiiiiittle obsessed with 50s Rock & Roll.

*When did you start writing?
Very young, but it was mostly song lyrics at the time, with some short stories and school projects thrown in along the way. Then about two years ago, I decided I’d try my hand at writing a book. That particular book was never finished, but I’ve been writing and publishing pretty consistently since 2013.

*What authors have influenced your writing?
R.A. Salvatore has definitely helped me with writing battle scenes, but beyond that, I don’t really know that I’d label any specific influences. I like Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Fairy Tales, Dr. Seuss… With all of that, I think it’s a fair assumption that what I write is more a conglomeration of styles and influences than a handful of specific authors.

*Tell me about the Division Chronicles, how did you come up with the idea.
It’s a story about angels and Essenced-up teenagers fighting to save the world from demonic invasion. Basically, centuries ago, those demons were banished from the realm, but circumstances made it so their banishment couldn’t be permanent. So essences from different creatures – fairies, vampires, thunderbirds, etc. – were placed in human bloodlines to be brought to life when the world would need warriors to protect it. That time has officially arrived in this series, and those teenagers have to prepare for – and deliver – the fight of their lifetimes. Again, I’d say it’s a conglomeration of influences that led to the storyline in my head, even though AJ herself (one of the main characters) developed pretty much from mental fanfiction. Fortunately for her, when she jumped out of that existence, it was into a considerably-sized plot :)

*Do you have a dream cast in mind for your series?
I really, really don’t. I have a series of TV shows I like, a movie here or there that I latch on to, but I don’t really follow celebrities enough to come up with a fitting cast.

*Advice for fledgling writers?
Keep track of what you’re spending, and be prepared to push your book if you want readers :)

*Some fun questions, fantasy dinner party, four guests living or dead who would they be?
Can they be fictional??? Can I have pizza with the Ninja Turtles???

*Desert Island, one book to take with you what would it be?
Is this a trick question?

*What book do you feel like you should have read but haven't?
I have a few that I’d like to have a chance to read, but I haven’t gotten around to yet. I don’t read many classics, so I guess some would argue that I need to add some of those to my have-read list :)

*What book have you never been able to finish?
LOTR! Loved the movies, but couldn’t even finish the first book!

Yay! Thanks so much for answering my questions!

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For the release of the third book of the trilogy, Connie is giving away a copy of book one - along with series swag! 

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