REVIEW - Written in the Blood by Stephen Lloyd Jones

Thank you to Headline for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review

The problem with sequels is that they have to live up to the (hopeful) brilliance of their predecessor, many many times over the course of my reading years I have came across sequels that are frankly just awful but I'm not going to kiss and tell.

Written in the Blood is the follow up to the String Diaries a book I truly loved, it was amazing and Written in the Blood has a lot to live up to, the question is does it?

It does!

In fact I would go as far as saying by the time I had got to the end of this immense read I had decided that this book was better than its predecessor, Written in the Blood is set 15 years after the String Diaries, Hannah Wilde and her family at the end of the last book finally escaped the clutches of the evil Jakab. The violent ending to Hannah's story left her blinded but Jakab dead, gone, they were finally safe.

This story is told from Leah's point of view, now in her early twenties she is living with her mother and Gabriel helping them run their centre to try and help the hosszú életek (Please see my String Diaries review to bring you up to speed on the last book) women have successful pregnancies. Not everyone is happy with what they are hoping to do and this is going to lead to some problems.

Written in the Blood brings to us some fascinating new characters, notably though she is not really new Leah Wilde, it is refreshing to have the majority of the story in her POV, she is her mother's daughter, loyal and very determined, also like the String Diaries we have flashbacks to the time of Jakab and we learn more about his younger brother and father and through them we meet other hosszú életek. 

We also meet a smaller group of new characters who in my eyes are terrifying, a scene involving a campground and a slightly dysfunctional yet happy family is not to be read in the dark like I made the mistake of doing, extreme chills were produced from that scene!

If I was to make any criticism about this book I would say it started of a little slow but very quickly it takes it up a notch and the story starts flitting all over the world and time, it engages you and once it has you prepare to lose hours from your day as all the stories within this book start to link together and mix together for an explosive ending, an ending that was just amazing.

I know I haven't done this book justice but if you love the String Diaries then you will love this, it is an amazing mix of folklore and the modern, there are many characters in this book but they all have earned their place in this incredible story, I would recommend that you read the String Diaries so you know what is going on.

I don't know if there will be any more 

I loved this, I hope you do too, let me know what you all think!

Written in the Blood is awarded 5 out of 5 - Out 6th November 2014

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