REVIEW - A Girl walks into a Bar by Helena S Paige

Thank you to Little Brown for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review

This book is literally what you make it, you choose how it ends!

A Girl walks in to a Bar is a book of choices, as a young single woman you are given choices at the end of each chapter, do you meet up with a NYC firefighter? an Italian count or a Dutch sculptor?

The choice is yours! I read this a couple of times to see how it would play out and it makes for fun, steamy reading but that's all it is, its a fun read, if you are looking for a chapter by chapter story then this is not it, if you are looking for a serious read then this is also not it.

It is a quirky idea but I think I will stick to a story where the choices have already been made for me!

Awarded 3 out of 5

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