REVIEW - The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell

Thank you to Constable & Robinson for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Ever since I was a young girl I have found bookshops to be magical places, Even if I have no intention of buying anything I just love looking at the books, big and small, arranged like rainbow of soldiers standing to attention on the shelves waiting to be picked up but these day a bookshop is not necessarily just a bookshop.

Since the rise of the internet and its cheap as chips prices, a fair share of bookshops have closed on our high streets, yes Amazon has convenience but you can't just wander in to their warehouse and have a browse around, it lacks the human touch.

As a book blogger I am extremely lucky to be sent books by some amazing authors, pr's and publishers, I love it, I have discovered some amazing new authors but I still find myself wandering in to my local bookshop from time to time.

My local is the most beautiful bookshop I have seen, set in an old watermill in my local town of Aberfeldy, I try to go in several times a year which is not much but if I was in every week not only would I have far too many books (obviously not a bad thing) but I would be struggling to get in to my trousers as they have a gorgeous cosy cafe downstairs with delicious cake.  The Watermill Bookshop is a local star.

The bookshop has diversified, now they don't just only sell books, they sell cake and in the case of one bookshop in Kenya it sells cows too.  The Bookshop Book takes you only a wondrous journey of independent bookshops across the world from our own fair shores in the UK to Mongolia via Toronto.

It is wonderfully written, it gives you a superb description of these bookshops that are clearly loved not only by their owners but by their loyal customers, as well as the stories of the shops, this book also features snippets of facts and quotes along with mini chats with several well known authors including Ian Rankin and Rachel Joyce.

Jen has done a admirable job of putting this book together, I'm quite jealous as she has visited some outstanding shops.  If like me a book shop is the church you worship in then this will be for you.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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