REVIEW - It's Not Me It's You by Mhairi McFarlane

Thank you to Harper Collins for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

I feel dead guilty about this review, but *in hushed tones* I haven't read any of Mhairi's books before, I have heard them raved about but for some reason they just haven't made it in front of me, I'm a bad bad book blogger but I shall make it up for it because after reading this total gem of a story I want more!!

Where to start?, the gorgeous Delia and her amazing sense of style?, Her befriending of a cyber troll called Peshwari Naan?, Her cheating scum bag of a boyfriend Paul?, an incontinent dog called Parsnip? God, I don't know, all of these things are just the tip of the iceberg to this brilliant tale.

Delia is a Geordie (Not a Geordie Shore on the lash getting MORTAL type), she is happy with her life, she has a job in local government PR, a nice house, a long-term boyfriend of ten years and of course the aforementioned Parsnip the dog.

The story starts of with Delia being asked to hunt down a cyber troll who is slagging of the local politicians, she starts on her quest to find this cyber idiot but before she can follow through on her quest she has an important thing to do.

She proposes to Paul, the scene where this happens, well I squirmed, Paul is very underwhelmed by the whole thing and quite honestly if I was Delia I would have slapped him but he makes it for it and they go for drinks to celebrate but whilst waiting for her man to get back from the bar Delia gets a text message from him, a text message that was not meant for her eyes and slowly Delia's nice cosy life starts to unravel.

Paul is a cheat, he is full of shame, none of it helped by the fact that his bit on the side is called Celine and is ten years younger than him, Delia is distraught, angry just full of emotion, she takes herself back home and finds solace with her family for a while.

Now I don't want to spoil some of it for you as its a brilliant scene but long story short Delia leaves Newcastle, fed up with Paul and his promises of things being better, she hops on a train to London to her best friend Emma's house and this is where her life begins again.

Taking a job in a dubious PR agency owned by lovable Australian, Kurt Spicer, she finds herself in a world that starts of alien to her, London is nothing like she knew before, people are different and not all they seem to be.  But she plods along, she has no friends apart from Emma but soon her old nemesis Peshwari Naan is her daily virtual companion and Steph her work colleague helps keep her spirits up.

Things start to go pear shaped when she meets up with Adam West, a journalist with a hidden agenda, he steals her client folder after a meeting and starts blackmailing her, he wants her to be a double agent against Kurt,wedged between a rock and a hard place she has no choice but as her career progresses she finds out that Kurt is a total scum bag and justice needs to be served against him.

Delia is a delicious character, she is funny, warm, kind, intelligent and creative, her hobby is creative drawing and her alter ego is a superhero The Fox who fights crime with an actual fox sidekick (now I think the finished version of the book may have the cartoon illustration which where blank in my copy, I hope so, will sneak a peek in Tesco the next time I'm in) but the one thing I found myself shouting about her was her indecisiveness about Paul, once a cheater always a cheater in my book, kick him to touch Delia but he hangs about like a bad smell in her life plus and I got this totally wrong I did not see who Delia's happy ending was going to be with, towards the end there are three possible outcomes, the actual outcome is really nice and soppy and romantic *sniff*.

So in case you hadn't guessed I loved this book, it ticked all the right boxes and even made me shed a tear in bits, Mhairi McFarlane has a long exciting career ahead of her if all of her books are going to be to this standard!

PS: I should award a bonus point for Delia being a redhead, Redheads rule (I should know I am one!)

Awarded 5 out of 5

Released 6th November 2014 - Pre Order Below


  1. If you loved this one then I am completely sure you will love You Had Me At Hello - I loved it even more than this one myself! I think she is a great writer and I love how the story is meaningful and yet has a lot of humor in it as well :)

    1. I'll get around to reading it, I'm reading lots of dystopian just now so this is the perfect type of read to perk up my reading world after all the post-apoc disasters (I do love them though!)


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