REVIEW - The Last Word by A L Michael

Thank you to Carina UK for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Tabby is a blogger, her online presence is a roaring success and her followers eagerly await her every tweet about her life, but in reality as she sits in her PJ's typing her blog (hey me too!) her life isn't really as cool as her blog makes out but one thing that is true is the fact she is an awesome writer.

Living in a flatshare in London she makes her living writing articles for magazines along with her blog but her luck is about to change when she is approached by an up and coming online newspaper and is offered a position.

Straight away there is a problem and his name is Harry Shulman, her future editor, an arrogant Lothario who unfortunately for Tabby is also extremely sexy, straight away they get off on the wrong foot but with some help from Harry's boss they persuade Tabby to take the job.

As she gets to know Harry she realises he is maybe not such a big a dick as she thought he was, in fact she starts to see him in a totally different light but her two best friends warn her, Tabby has mixed work and pleasure before and it didn't end well, can Tabby make her new job work or will her feelings get in the way?

As usual Carina have some of the best reads on the go at the moment, along with eye catching covers and The Last Word is a great fun and sexy read with a lot of humour and a bit of romance too.

Awarded 4 out of 5

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