REVIEW - Lost Legacy by Annette Dashofy

Thank you to Henery Press for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

Lost Legacy throws you straight in to the action within the first couple of pages, we meet Zoe Chambers a paramedic in Monongahela County on her way to a call, a call that is going to turn her life upside down.

Hanging from the rafters is James Engle, a farmer with a long history that includes being suspected of killing two brothers forty odd years before but before Zoe and her colleagues can remove the body they have to deal with farm worker Carl Loomis who is more interested in getting his farm work done before the weather turns bad than the fact James is dead.  The man needs to sort out his priorities!

Another man with different priorities is local law enforcements chief of Police, Pete Adams and one is his priorities is Zoe she is firmly on his radar but any romance will have to wait just now as it turns out what was a suspected suicide is actually murder.

Zoe and Pete work together to try and solve James murder but the deaths of the two brothers years back keep coming back to haunt them and before long it looks like the cases might be connected, can they figure out who is responsible whilst staying out of the firing line themselves?  

Delving deeper and deeper in to the case brings many things to light, things that lead to awkward and upsetting questions, the past is something a lot of their suspects seems to want to avoid. 

Lost Legacy is a brilliant read, I read it over the space of two evenings and it kept me engaged from the off, it has brilliant main characters in Zoe and Pete along with a collection of supporting characters ranging from Zoe's pain in the butt mother to Pete's dementia suffering dad.

This is the second book in the Zoe Chambers mystery series and I hope to read more in the future!

Awarded 5 out of 5


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