REVIEW - I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Thank you to Transworld for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

I am sad.

So after several late nights I have finally come to the end of the epic journey of the man who takes the alias of Pilgrim.  It was a long book but thankfully it was a gripping enjoyable read, one that takes you from a grotty hotel in NYC to the blinding heat of Saudi Arabia.

The main character of this book is Scott Murdoch aka many many different aliases, he is deep deep under cover in the US intelligence world, he has done a lot of brave things over the years but nobody can know who he is, he will forever be the man in the shadows.  To be in the shadows is a good thing as he has made a ton of enemies of the years.

He decides to retire and on his retirement he releases a book,  now for somebody to have released a book who has been a covert super secret operative for many years might be a bad idea but he assumes the identity of another man and publishes the book in his name.  Once the book is out there he heads to Paris and tries to live an anonymous life but to his horror he is tracked down and not by Israeli Special Forces or a disgruntled Greek gangster, nope he is tracked down by an NYPD cop.

So as usual I don't want to spoil the story for you as it is so vast and just a total page turner but I will try and summarise the main juicy bits!

Scott was adopted and has lots of issues with that but his wealthy adoptive parents, notably his Father left him provided for and he returns to NYC and starts to get to know the cop, Ben, better. 

Investigating a murder in a dingy hotel, Ben is shocked to discover Scott's book there, it has been used as manual on how to commit the perfect murder, in this case a young woman who has now  no distinguishing features left.

There is one clue, a number, this turns out to be the start of something massive as this number is a telephone number for a phonebox in Turkey, Bodrum to be exact and before he knows it Scott is on a journey that takes him to this city but as well as investigating a murder he finds himself involved in something much bigger, terrorism.

Three people, well their remains have been found in Afghanistan high in the mountains, the only clue to their killer seems to be a satellite call made to a phone box in Bodrum, Scott's case is about to get a hell of a lot worse, his murder in NYC could it be connected? Plus he is in Bodrum on the premise of investigating another murder of a US citizen, its a good job he is the best of the best because he is going to have to fight to stay on track before it is too late.

I Am Pilgrim is amazing, I loved it, I have seen reviews on Amazon which have moaned about too many countries, baddies etc, but you know what I don't care, what makes this book is the vast amount of detail, minor characters such as the Turkish hotelier are fantastic, maybe cliched but still they add humour and plus this gives us an inside look at what we possibly think the secret organisations within the US government are like.

It is a long book so set aside some time to read it but I hope you enjoy it. I certainly did.

Awarded 5 out of 5

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