My Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers!


If like me it has suddenly dawned on you that it is going to be Christmas in a matter of weeks you may be panicking about what to buy for your loved ones.

Now I can't help you with all of them but I thought I would help you with your loved ones that are partial to a bit of reading.

I recently discovered Etsy (yes I know a gazillion years behind the rest of the world) and I was staggered by the amount of awesome products listed on this site and I'm not just talking about book related gifts, I'm talking about beautiful hand made jewellery, clothes and art, to name a few.

Today however I am going to share with you my top ten favourite items that are on my wish list and may just make their way in to one of my book loving family members stocking.

So without further ado let's have a look!

Number 1
Book Lover's Soy Candle


I do love a candle and this one stopped me in my tracks, it is sold on Etsy by American seller Frostbeard and the scent pictured is called Trashy Romance Novel which smells like a combo of Sex on the Beach (peachy) and Love Spell (floral), I think it is such a great idea!

They have loads of other scents including Sherlock's Study, Don't Panic and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, they ship internationally too! I am very tempted!

Number 2
Twas the night before Christmas Infinity Scarf


I love a scarf at any time of the year, casual or dressed up they can make an outfit, this scarf from Ohio seller ModLux is beautiful Christmassy red in colour and printed with this popular Christmas poem.  

This seller has a whole range of other scarves with lots of other great patterns and texts upon them and they also ship internationally too!

Number 3
Adventure Book Necklace


So this cute little necklace is inspired by the Disney film Up, I thought it was really adorable.  I do like something quirky and this is available as earrings and a keyring too.  

The seller KawaiiCandyCouture have lots of great designs for many fandoms including Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones plus they also ship worldwide!

Number 4
Harry Potter Skirt


The detail on this skirt is just gorgeous, Diagon Alley is just so colourful! 

Imagine this with a puffy petticoat underneath, I think it would look amazing but of course Harry Potter may not be your cup of tea, don't worry the seller Rooby Lane has this skirt in loads of different designs including Middle Earth and Alice in Wonderland.  

Worldwide shipping!

Number 5
Hand Stamped Bookmark


I love a beautiful bookmark, I have been known to use whatever to hand to mark my page, pens, sweet wrapper and *hushed whisper* folding the corner, eeek!  

I have many bookmarks and I never tire of them and this one I think is especially pretty.  Made from Aluminium and then hand stamped, this is sure to last a life time.  

The one pictured is from Game of Thrones but the seller Mauve Magpie have many other different styles for you to peruse.  Ships worldwide

Number 6
Lord of the Rings iPhone 5 Case


My phone at the moment has a brick outhouse of a cover on it, I would love something streamlined not to mention beautiful on the back of my iPhone.  

This white tree of Gondor is eye catching and perfect for your Lord of the Rings loving friend. 

 Gelert Design have lots of other LOTR products on their page so if your phone is needing covered have a look at their other wares!  Worldwide Shipping!

Number 7
Bookish Cross Stitch


Once the past time of your granny, cross stitch is cool these day, you just have to look at the awesome designs available these days, everything from Breaking Bad to Ghostbuster themed projects.

The ones above can be turned in to bookmarks and the best thing is that the seller Plastic Little Covers will send it to you by digital download, no waiting on the post!

Number 8
Mr Darcy Solid Perfume


Ever wondered what Mr Darcy smells like? No?!  Just me then!  

Well ladies (and gentleman!) he smells like musk and clean cotton!  

This is solid perfume for you to rub on wherever you please, the seller Geeky Candles Co also have a range of roll on perfumes and lip balms in other scents and flavours including Khaleesi!  

Ships Worldwide!

Number 9
Rebecca Clutch Bag


This is really special, a gorgeous clutch bag in the form of this beautiful Daphne du Maurier novel.  I think it would be perfect for a night out or it could be nice just sitting on your dressing table with your keepsakes inside it.  

The seller Bagsy Me First have so many brilliant designs including shoulder bags and purses all with different eye-catching covers.  Worldwide shipping!

Number 10
Shakespeare Cuff


I love a nice bit of jewellery and I especially like having something cute and quirky.  

This brass cuff is a striking piece with its bold red script and print background.  

This text is from All's Well That Ends Well but there are many other varieties of cuff available from the seller Jezebel Charms and not just Shakespeare!  Worldwide Shipping!

And that is that! 

I hope you have liked my selection, the great thing about Etsy is you don't have to go to the smelly, crowded shops to stand in a queue for hours to buy your pressies, a couple of clicks and it is done.  All you need to do is wait on the postie!

Happy Shopping!

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