REVIEW - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 2 Wasteland by Frank Tayell

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This is the second book in the Surviving the Evacuation series, I reviewed the first book back in July and had hoped to quickly read this book straight after but as usual life got in the way and on Christmas Eve whilst I waited snug in bed for Santa I cosied up under the duvets in the dark to read about the world gone to hell after a virus has gone crazy and infected millions leaving the survivors to either fend for themselves or risk going to the governments evac point.

Bill our anti-hero continues his slow journey, he has been recovering from a broken leg, out of the city in to the countryside, he is becoming a dab handy at dispatching the undead but he is still all on his own.  But luck is on his side, well after he has been continually shot at for a while, he meets/rescues Kim who is being held by two men, Bill helps her escape and together they make their way through the zombie infested landscape of Southern England.

This is actually one of the best things about this series, the setting, so many zombie books and other dystopian is that they are set in the United States, it is refreshing to read a book and go "Oooh I've been there and you can vividly picture it", anyway I digress back to the plot again!

Bill and Kim (who is by no means a damsel in distress) enter a village and discover a large group of zombies trying to get in to a building, as it is very unlikely they are going shopping it can only mean one thing, survivors, a cry pierces the air and Bill and Kim are in no doubt about whether to ignore or help whoever is trapped in the building.

A cunning plan is put in to action to distract the dead which has just a few little snags but it does the trick and our little group of two doubles in size with the addition of Annette who is ten and Daisy who is just a baby.  Annette may be a child but she is very savvy having made her way out of the city  all alone with Daisy.

Our gang continue on their merry way hiding out, avoiding the dead and just try to survive, plus Bill is still holding on to Sholto's hard drive with all the information regarding the outbreak on it and he is also carrying a lot of guilt around due to him being the architect of the evac plan that the government initiated and that did not got to plan.

Swapping their legs for two wheels, then four wheels they start heading towards the site that Bill believes the Doctor who created the virus/vaccine is based at, on their way they encounter more survivors and this is where the story is kicked up another gear.

They seem innocent enough to begin with, but these people are hiding something, there is something about them that doesn't ring true, holed up together they all come up with a plan to escape but some of the new survivors have a different agenda and with that comes the splitting of the camps as the new group kidnaps young Annette and baby Daisy, Kim and Bill are hot on their tale but they seem to be heading back to London, will they find them again?  Plus Bill comes across a blast from his past whose revelation rocks Bill to his core.  Will Bill and Kim manage to rescue their young companions and who is the newcomer?

Well you'll find out in book 3, Wasteland has been another enjoyable read in this series, I have already read book 3 and can say the consistently brilliant story telling continues through to it, and I promise to review soon.  

The characters are just normal people, they still like a cup of tea and quite happily use their bikes as modes of transport, this book can be bloody and violent but if you are not so keen on horror novels you have nothing to worry about think of this as zombie-lite, I am actually watching World War Z as I type this and Bill is much more of a believable character than gung ho Brad Pitt and his sprinting zombies!

Great read, the kind of book once you start you won't put it down till you read the last word.

Awarded 5 out of 5


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