REVIEW - Surviving The Evacuation: Book 3 Family by Frank Tayell

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Well after snuggling up with Book 2 on Christmas Eve I settled down on Christmas Day with Book 3: Family but only after first consuming my body weight in Turkey and Brussel Sprouts.

Book 3 follows straight on from the discovery that Annette and Daisy have been taken to London and the arrival of Sholto, who had been in contact with Bill before everything went tits up and is now revealed to be **SPOILER ALERT** Bill's brother.

Along with Kim, Bill and Sholto head by water to London in the grave hope that they can rescue their young companions, thankfully they know they are on the right path when they come across clues which they can only assume have been left by the wise beyond her ten years Annette.  

The biggest clue points to Kew Gardens and our reluctant sailors step on to dry land to start their mission to rescue the girls, now maybe mission is not the right word, the use of mission makes them sound like a team of crack Navy SEALS which they are not!  Maybe I should use the term Treasure Hunt with added Zombies.

Long story short they get the girls with another stunning patched together and hope for the best plan, which is how all good plans should be executed.  Now with four wheels beneath them our "family" escapes the smoke to try and get to the Welsh coast where a boat rendezvous with survivors to take them to a safe colony.

But they have to get their first, on their way they come across the worst thing possible, a horde, thousands upon thousands of the undead, trampling everything in site, razing buildings, carving a dark smear across the landscape.  Our travellers have no option but to find a "hordeproof" hideaway and resort to lying low in a disused tunnel.  

With a lack of light and fresh air our unlikely companions find themselves feeling worse for wear but mostly poor baby Daisy feels the brunt of it changing from a lively tot to a quiet withdrawn one.

Eventually escaping they reach the rendezvous point and discover more survivors there, each with their own tale to tell and thankfully one of them is a Doctor who can give Daisy a looking over, they feel safe for now but as they get to know their new group mates things start to ring alarm bells and with that Bill has a difficult decision to make, does his journey lie with his friends to the relative safety of the colony or should he make a journey of his own to settle some scores?

I can honestly say hand of my beating not dead heart that I have loved this series and felt a pang of sadness as I read the last few lines but that sadness was short lived as I have discovered Book 4: Unsafe Haven which is happily sitting waiting to be read on my Kindle as we speak.

I have said it before in my past reviews of books 1 and 2 that what makes this series is the whole Britishness about it, I love America but naturally I can relate so much better to my home country, The general Britishness of the characters too just makes this such a must read, the zombies themselves are as all zombies are a general pain in the arse but they are usually dispatched without too much gore (yes I'm talking to you The Walking Dead, but I still love you too!!), all in all Surviving the Evacuation gives us a horrific look at what could happen, with the dreaded Ebola and all manner of other infectious diseases in the news just now I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who expect to see what happens in this series on their doorstep and because of this dystopian fiction I think is getting more and more popular (and it is already huge) especially when it ventures in to the undead territory.

I never tire of reading book likes this, I really good author like Frank can take this genre and add his or her own mark upon it and Frank has done this with Surviving the Evacuation,  If you haven't read it I suggest you get your butt or finger down to your Kindle Store or equivalent and buy this, you will not regret it.

Also whilst I'm thinking out loud this would make a really good TV series..........

Awarded 5 out of 5

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