REVIEW - Maggie Does Meribel by Nicola Doherty

Thank you to Headline for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

The Girls on Tour series continues, this time with with Maggie and her visit to the French Alpine ski resort of Meribel.  

Sounds idyllic? 

Well yes it should be, she is going with Leo her boyfriend of a year and it will be a gorgeously romantic New Year's break for them both, except it is not just, them they are going on holiday with a group of Leo's sporty mates and their other halves plus a single female friend of Leo's who is a bit of bitch actually scratch that she is a total bitch.

Also did I mention that Maggie cannot ski and her brand new boots are not really designed for stomping about in the snow, she is a little of her depth amongst Leo and his sporty pals who can ski the hardest runs and have the best gear unlike Maggie and her very old borrowed ski-suit.

Maggie's perfect holiday plans that she had formed in her head stall from the get go, Leo does not want to neglect his pals and of course she very quickly gets pissed off with his selfishness but feels equally selfish herself, should she be trying harder to integrate herself within his group of friends?

Well she tries her best making friends with Rachel and trying to get more than a mono syllabic answer out of Nina but there is no hope of her becoming BFF's with Jenny, the aforementioned total bitch, she seems to making a play for Nina's boyfriend but she is also a bit too touchy feely with Leo too, what is the scheming cow up to?

Maggie Does Meribel is a quick read but it is also a great fun read full of great wintry scenes, plenty of humour and a nice touch of romance.  Maggie discovers on this trip that her relationships has some huge cracks in it and they all seem to be originating from Leo and his lacking to put her before all of his activities, she does try her best to fit in but will she and Leo see in the bells on New Year's Eve together?

A perfect read for the wintry weather outside, cosy up in your onesie and kick back with this now!

Awarded 4 out of 5

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