REVIEW - City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

Thanks to Quercus for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

City of Stairs, where do I start?

Well I have no idea!, it was an epic read with one heck of world built around it, there is no hope in hell that I am going to be able to convey just how great it was but hey ho let's try!

First of all this is not set in the world as we know it, most of the action takes place in the city of Bulikov, now it sounds possibly a little Russian but this city is very different it has been struck by the Blink, Gods used to roam the continent that this city is part of but they have been destroyed and with it many strange things have happened notably massive parts of Bulikov just disappearing or ending up not where it supposed to be. 

The continent is also in turmoil, the Continentals have been conquered by the Saypuri's (with me so far?, don't worry if you are not!!), a Saypuri historian Dr Efrem Pangyui has been in Bulikov researching the Continents forbidden history but unfortunately he has met with an untimely end.

Enter Shara Thivani, cultural ambassador, tea drinker and a all round fab feisty character, she also brings with her possibly the best character in the book Sigrud, a Dreyling (very Viking-esque) an all round quiet assassin, jack of all murderous trades but don't worry he is very likeable.

Shara and Sigrud begin their journey in to what has happened to Dr Pangyui, what has he found out in his deep digging of the continents history, who is his killer?

Well City of Stairs takes us all over the city of Bulikov, we meet other brilliant characters such as Governor Mulaghesh - I will just say now that the female characters in this book are just superbly written, they are very very likeable - and together with our two amateur detectives they discover more and more hidden mysteries of this very strange city.

I felt it started of a little slow but once it kicks off it just keeps going, the creation of the world that this novel is set in is just immense, the whole story is a lot to take in, it is not light and fluffy but it is smart and it can be very funny, a scene involving a god's many tentacled pet and a greased up Sigrud is just brilliant.

There so much going on in this book that I haven't even touched on, warehouses of mysteries, past lovers, strange portal, too much to list here but you will find out all about it when you read and read it you should!!

Awarded 5 out of 5

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